Deuce, Pit Bull

Who: Deuce Age: 3 Breed: Pit Bull What I Love About Deuce: He is very smart and very lovable! He looks intimidating but he is such a softy! He can do tricks such as closing the door when he comes in from going potty. He loves cats, and small dogs and he is wonderful with […]

Heidi, Weimaraner/Springer Spaniel

Who: Heidi Age: 1 Breed: Weimaraner/Springer Spaniel What I Love About Heidi: She is so loving to everyone. She’s very cheerful and vibrant! – contributed by HL, El Paso, TX

Tattoo, Poodle

Who: Tattoo Age: 5 Breed: Poodle What I Love About Tattoo: It doesn’t matter what or who I bring home ..another dog, cat or little kid..Tattoo is always there to help be keep up with them ..I can go in the house and he refused to let them get out of the sitter i […]

Win an Eco-Friendly Dog Jacket!

**CLOSED* We recently told you about the new eco-friendly dog jackets from Earth’s Best Friend, a San Francisco-based company. Now you can win your own dog jacket! The beautiful green and beige dog jacket (size Large, value $40) in our photo will be awarded to one winner. It’s super easy to put on your dog […]

Dragon, Chihuahua

Who: Dragon Age: 6 Breed: chihuahua What I Love About Dragon: He is one of a kind….he loves me very much. I don’t know what I would do with out him!!!! –contributed by John Eckroth, Portland, OR

Cutter, Mixed Breed

Who: Cutter Age: 7 Breed: mixed What I Love About Cutter: She is so special. Everyone loves her especially kids. Our son loves her and she is protective of him. Our doggy really does think she is a person and it’s great! Thank you. – contributed by Susan, Woodstock

Carley, Black Lab

Who: Carley Age: 4.5 years Breed: Black lab What I Love About Carley: EVERYTHING –contributed by jules rules, marysville, michigan

Lester, Maltese

Who: Lester Age: 7 Breed: Maltese What I Love About Lester: He is just a doll! – contributed by Rissy, NJ

Teena, Miniature Pinscher

Who: Teena Age: 6 years old Breed: Miniature Pinscher What I Love About Teena: The way he prances for me when he wants something. – contributed by Cynthia S, Madison IN

Peter, Yellow Labrador Retriever

Who: Peter Age: 3 Breed: Yellow Labrador Retriever What I Love About Peter: His loyalty and the fact that he doesn’t think he is just a dog! – contributed by Annette, New Berlin, WI USA

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