Archives for November 2008

Heidi, Weimaraner/Springer Spaniel

Who: Heidi Age: 1 Breed: Weimaraner/Springer Spaniel What I Love About Heidi: She is so loving to everyone. She’s very cheerful and vibrant! — contributed by HL, El Paso, TX

Win an Eco-Friendly Dog Jacket!

**CLOSED* We recently told you about the new eco-friendly dog jackets from Earth’s Best Friend, a San Francisco-based company. Now you can win your own dog jacket! The beautiful green and beige dog jacket (size Large, value $40) in our photo will be awarded to one winner. It’s super easy to put on your dog […]

Carley, Black Lab

Who: Carley Age: 4.5 years Breed: Black lab What I Love About Carley: EVERYTHING –contributed by jules rules, marysville, michigan

Peter, Yellow Labrador Retriever

Who: Peter Age: 3 Breed: Yellow Labrador Retriever What I Love About Peter: His loyalty and the fact that he doesn’t think he is just a dog! — contributed by Annette, New Berlin, WI USA

Who: Spazz Age: 6 months Breed: mixed breed What I Love About Spazz: He has a genuine sense of wonderment of life – oh yes, and he definitely has a foot fetish – he loves them! He also loves turtles 🙂 — contributed by Rose Roberts, Phoenix, AZ

Luna, German Shepherd-Chow Mix

Who: Luna Breed: German Shepherd – Chow mix What I Love About Luna: She is always happy to see me when I walk through the door. — contributed by Ellen Gideon, Galena, IL

Mooo, Lab/Mastiff mix

Who: Mooo Breed: Lab/Mastiff mix What I Love About Mooo: One look at him at the shelter and it was love… Although he is a puppy (4 months) he is already a very loyal and loving friend to my son and I. — contributed by Heather Dapkiins Pittston, PA

Piper, Cockapoo

Who: Piper Age: 3 Breed: Cockapoo What I Love About Piper: His personality — contributed by Gray, Oshkosh, NE

New Products: Eco-Friendly Dog Jackets

Are you looking for a jacket for your dog–one that’s as earth friendly as it is dog friendly? We may have just found the answer: Earth’s Best Friend. This San Francisco-based pet product company specializes in eco-friendly, sustainable pet clothing and has just released two new products–dog jackets and dog kimonos–for dog lovers who have […]

Charlie, Yellow Lab

Who: Charlie Age: 3 Breed: Yellow Lab What I Love About Charlie: His craziness…he must be a direct descendant of Marley from Marley and Me. He races through our wooded area at breakneck speed, he sleeps in creative contortions on the loveseat that keep us entertained, and is always ready to chase something…anything.— contributed by […]