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Preventing a Marley in Your House

Movie goers and book lovers familiar with the Marley & Me hit know that an untrained dog can cause all sorts of havoc in a household…but that can be prevented. The Association of Pet Dog Trainers has come up with a list of tips for using positive reward training. Yesterday’s column shared their tip on […]

Understanding Your Dog’s Breed Tendencies

If you’ve seen the Marley & Me movie or read the bestselling book, you know that Marley is a lab…and a handful. Labs are the most popular dog in the US but they’re also among the top five dogs given up to shelters. Why? These big, boisterous dogs need plenty of outlets for their energy […]

Actress Amy Smart Walks Her Dog

Looking “smart” with a purple leash, this darling dog was color-coordinated with movie star Momma Amy Smart during a stroll down the street. The actress is the proud parent of two tail-wagging chums, Oscar and Daisy. An avid animal lover, the star of Just Friends and The Butterfly Effect often makes appearances at such fund-raisers […]

Biden’s Puppy Gets a Name

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy The new German Shepherd Dog who will reside with the soon-to-be Vice President now has a name: Champ. The young pup, named by Biden’s grandchildren, has a name with a lot of family history; Joe Biden’s father often called his son Champ. Hopefully […]

Poll Shows Most Readers Buy Canine Christmas Presents

Did you buy your dog a holiday present this year? If so, you weren’t alone; 94 percent of readers reported that they bought their canines a Christmas present: The poll, taken from mid-November through Christmas Day, showed that there were some happy dogs out there yesterday!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Enjoy Christmas with Their Dog, Jack

From the smile on her face, it’s plain to see that Mariah Carey has all she wants this Christmas– the love of her new husband, actor Nick Cannon, and the devotion of her beloved dog, Jack Jr. Looking like a snow angel, the multi-Grammy Award winner stepped away from the slopes of Aspen to enjoy […]

Tips for High-Energy "Marley" Dogs

Is your dog a “Marley,” a dog like the lab in the bestselling book and hit movie that turns the place upside down? If so, don’t despair; there is hope. Experts at several training businesses have put together lists of tips for those who might see a little bit of Marley in their own four-legged […]

Flashback Photo of John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy Celebrating Christmas with Their Dogs

The Kennedy clan enjoyed the days of Camelot with a number of four-pawed pals, including Clipper the German Shepherd, Shannon the Irish Cocker Spaniel, Wolf the Irish Wolfhound, a Welsh Terrier named Charlie and a pretty pooch called Pushinka, who was a present from Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. A canine couple, Charlie and Pushinka’s romance […]

Camille Guaty and Her Dog, Boss

Camille Guaty may have ruled the small screen with her appearances in Prison Break, Las Vegas and The Nine, but if his name is any indication, the TV star’s canine companion “Boss” is head honcho off screen. The actress, who will soon be seen in the series Cupid, enjoyed an evening out with her four-pawed […]

Mary-Kate Olsen Greets a Four-Footed Fan

Mary-Kate Olsen paused to pet a pooch after dining recently at Cafe Vida in Pacific Palisades. The former Full House star is the proud parent of a chocolate Labrador named Lucca, while her talented twin Ashley has a canine companion called Liam.