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Helping Your Dog During Thunderstorms

Many dogs have anxiety about thunderstorms, one that can not only make storms unpleasant for them but can cause severe anxiety that can lead to damage to your house and injury to your dog. We know firsthand; our late Australian cattle dog, Alby, had a terrible fear of thunderstorms and it was awful to see […]

Groomer Has It Launching Second Season April 11

Animal Planet’s “Groomer Has It” will launch its second season Saturday, April 11, at 9 PM (ET/PT). If you missed the first season, “Groomer Has It” is a reality show pitting a dozen groomers against each other in a series of challenges–all while the groomers have to live together in an atmosphere that can sometimes […]

Understanding Your Dog’s Vision

Does your dog see as well as he should? And just how good should that be? Knowing if your dog is having problems with his vision first means knowing just what standard dog vision means. In general, dogs have very good vision–except when it comes to objects up close. Have you ever watched your dog […]

"America’s Next Top Model" Host Nigel Barker at The Genesis Awards

He may help hopeful catwalk queens achieve their dreams as a judge on America’s Next Top Model, but noted photographer Nigel Barker seemed just as comfortable in front of the camera when he posed with one of Marley & Me‘s many Labradors on the red carpet at the 23rd Genesis Awards. An array of A-list […]

iPhone App For Dog Lovers Launches

Would you like dog information at your fingertips anytime? If you have an iPhone, check out the new Dog Lover app from The app includes the latest news from as well as other dog sites like,, and more. According to Andrew Oliver of, “Dog Lover strives to bring the reader […]

Dogs of the Day: Cosmo & Luke

My dog’s name: Cosmo and Luke Ages: 3 years & 8 Months Breeds: Portuguese Water Dog & Cockapoo What I Love About Cosmo and Luke: The individual personalities and the unbelievable smarts they both have. Contributed by Skibum in Canada

DogTown Episode Features Socialization Test

Don’t forget tonight’s new episode of DogTown on the National Geographic Channel, the second episode this season. In tonight’s episode, dog care manager Michelle Besmehn travels to LA to rescue several older dogs from an overcrowded puppy mill, many with medical issues. Tonight’s Dogs: Mei Mei, a young Chihuahua who likely spent her life in […]

Helping Homeless Pets in Tough Economic Times

Today’s economy is tough not only on people but on pets. Not only are difficult times making it harder for people to adopt but foreclosures mean a growing number of animals at shelters….while at the same time donations to shelters drop. But Best Friends, the incredible Utah shelter that’s the largest in the country (you […]

Will the Obama Puppy Create a Run on Portuguese Water Dogs?

If history is a reliable indicator, the adoption of a Portuguese Water Dog by the Obama family will cause a surge in the demand for this breed. Similar celebrity pet choices have created huge demand for particular breeds. Sainsbury’s Bank, a UK pet insurer, notes that the number of chihuahuas it insures increased by 417 […]

Angel…or Madonna?

My dog’s name: Angel Age: 1 year If my dog were a movie star or other celebrity, my dog would be: Madonna Because: She always wants to be the center of attention Contributed by Jessicasplace