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Bradley Cooper with His Dog

Joining the throng of holiday travelers, Bradley Cooper was spotted at LAX in late December, preparing to fly the friendly skies with his Fido, Charlotte (who is seen in the following photo taking a walk with the Hollywood heartthrob prior to being placed in her pet carrier.) The charming chow/retriever is one of two tail-wagging […]

Looking Back at 2009

This morning our dog Tiki greeted us like she does just about every morning: with her wild face-licking, “it’s-a-new-day-let’s-don’t-waste-a-minute-of-it” attitude. (Our dog Irie is a little cooler about the morning greeting but she does her own thing: she props herself up on a corner of the couch, talks her own special talk, and waves her […]

Keeping Your Dog Safe on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve might be fun for us but it’s a tough holiday for dogs. Fireworks are more than a nuisance to many dogs; for some, they cause terrible fear that makes them bolt, running away from the frightening noise that seems to come from everywhere. To keep your dog safe this New Year’s Eve: […]

Health & Safety: Reader Tips

In our recent How to Raise a Perfect Dog giveaway, we asked readers for their tips on raising the perfect dog…and many of those tips dealt with health and safety. Check out these helpful reader tips on everything from check-ups to in-car safety. Begin early to teach your dog to eat only from his dish. […]

DogTown’s John Garcia Travels with Georgia

Launching a new season of DogTown on the National Geographic Channel (Friday, January 1 at 10PM ET/PT), the premier of the “Dogfight” episode showcases DogTown manager John Garcia and the progress that’s been made with beautiful Georgia. This former victim of the Michael Vick dog fighting world is now an amazing spokesdog, traveling with John […]

Selecting a Puppy: Reader Tips

Selecting a puppy is an important life decision. Recently DogTipper asked readers for their tips in the Raising the Perfect Dog contest; many readers wrote in with helpful tips about the selection of your puppy: Be CAREFUL as your choose your puppy. Do not be inclined to pick the ONE puppy shoving himself at you […]

Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Canine Pages of 2009

As the calendar creeps closer to 2010, we thought we’d take a walk down memory lane with a look back at the year’s most popular Celebrity Canine pages. As you browse through the photos of the famous and their Fidos, we would like to take this opportunity to wish DogTipper readers and fur babies everywhere […]

Loving Your Dog: Reader Tips

Recently DogTipper hosted a contest looking for tips from readers on raising the perfect dog. We received hundreds of tips in many different categories and, over the next few days, we’ll be sharing many of those tips. Today we look at a popular topic: loving your dog. Having a dog to me means more than […]

Cesar Millan Heads to Australia

Cesar Millan has worked to rehabilitate dogs across America but, in a special two-part episode of “Dog Whisperer,” this season Cesar heads to Australia. The first of these episodes, “Cesar Down Under,” features Jack, a 17-month full-sized Dogue de Bordeaux or French mastiff weighing in at 150 pounds. Jack’s owner fears the aggressive mastiff is […]

Shopping Holiday Sales–For Your Dog

Have you hit the after-Christmas sales yet? The initial markdowns are made and, in the coming days, markdowns will be even more drastic on holiday items. Now’s a good time to make purchases for your dog–often at prices up to 75 percent off! Check pet supply stores for good discounts now on: holiday treats and […]

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