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60*365: Adding an Interesting Foreground Object to Your Photo

OK, most of the time, either Irie or Tiki IS the foreground object in most of our dog photos. Every now and then, though, it’s fun to mix things up and add a different foreground object with one of the dogs behind that object. Here’s an example from this morning’s hike. Tiki is sitting behind […]

Review: “It’s A Dog’s Life” Journal

Product: It’s a Dog’s Life: A Journal of Our First Year Together What It Is: a baby book for dogs! Manufacturer: Knock Knock, distributed by Who’s There Inc. DogTipper Review: Would you like a way to keep track of the milestones in your new dog’s life? Whether you’re bringing home a puppy or an older […]

Winner’s Gallery: Terra Paws Freeze Dried Pet Treats

  My Dog’s Name: Rocky Giveaway prize my dog won: 2 bags of Terra Paws Treats What my dog thought of the prize: He loved them!     -contributed by Teresa in Latrobe, PA           If you have won a DogTipper giveaway, be sure to take a photo of your pet […]

Ghost Adventures Star Zak Bagans Helps Nevada SPCA

As the star of Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans may investigate the presence of incorporeal entities, but when he’s not filming the Travel Channel series the TV personality is haunted by the ever-present need to end animal cruelty and find forever homes for orphaned Fidos and felines. Bagans, the proud pet parent of Gracie, a dog adopted […]

Dog Quote of the Day: Anatole France

59*365: Working with Backlighting

Today I shot some photos of a chicken liver treat recipe I was preparing in the dehydrator. The dehydrator was in front of the kitchen window…and that’s where today’s tip lies… The natural lighting that comes in a window can make for great photos…but it can also create havoc on your photos if you include […]

AKC Releases Top 10 Dog Breeds of 2011 List

We always enjoy seeing the list of the top 10 breeds that the American Kennel Club® (AKC) releases every year. Not only do they release the top 10 breeds in the US but they also provide a breakdown by city for top US cities. Since we’re especially in love with mixed breeds, it’s so interesting […]

Are You a #CatPerson?

OK, we know you’re a dog person, since you’re on DogTipper, but are you also, like us, a cat person? Purina recently released this video called “We Are Cat People,” a fun look at the many diverse people that call themselves cat people. Are you a cat person?

Comparing Dog Breeds

Before you get a dog for your family, the first step is to do your homework. Research the dog breeds and their traits–both physical and behavioral–and ask yourself some questions about your lifestyle. Do you want a dog that you can run and play with…or would you be happier with a more laid-back dog? Do […]

Fido’s Faves: Barksters Krisps

Product or Place I Am Reviewing: Barksters My Dog’s Name: Schooner and Skipper What I Liked About This Product or Place: Made in USA. Barksters are air puffed and 12 calories per treat. Low fat treat. No additives and preservatives. Wheat, Gluten Free and 100% Natural. It comes in Beef and Brown Rice, Sweet Potato […]