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Adoptable Dog of the Day

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Why We Choose Rescue


As you know, we’re a family of two rescue dogs and four rescue cats…and we couldn’t be happier. With the millions of great dogs and cats searching for forever homes, we recommend that everyone in search of a new furry family member start searching rescues and shelters. Whether you’re in search of a puppy, adult, or senior, a mixed breed (our first choice!) or a purebred dog, you’ll find one available for adoption.

Every weekday, we feature an Adoptable Dog of the Day across our social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We have a special #Adoptable Dog of the Day board on Pinterest where we feature a new homeless dog every weekday along with information on this special pet. We hope you’ll join us in sharing some of these great pets as they search for forever homes!

And, when you’re ready to add to your furry family, we’ve got a whole library of articles on pet adoption:

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