Giveaway Sponsorship FAQ

Are you interested in sponsoring a giveaway on DogTipper (or CatTipper)? Our giveaways are a great way to build brand awareness with an audience of dedicated pet lovers. We’ve got more info on some of the most frequently asked questions about our giveaways below; if we can answer anything else, please email us.

How will the giveaway be conducted?

We use Giveaway Tools to conduct our giveaways. The Giveaway Tools widget is embedded in a giveaway post on our site.

Will I receive the list of entrants and their email addresses?

No. Our privacy policy prohibits the sharing of the personal information on the entrants. However, you are welcome to include an entry method to subscribe to your newsletter, sign up for your mailing list, etc. This will provide you with the entrant’s email address while allowing them to understand that this information has been provided to a third party.

What other entry methods can I choose?

You may opt to include a Facebook like, Twitter follow, Pinterest follow, and tweeting of a pre-written Tweet. Due to Google regulations, you may not include Google+ as an entry method. Similarly, we comply with all Facebook and Pinterest giveaway regulations so you may not ask for entrants to take action on their personal Facebook profile pages, pin a particular image on Pinterest, and other options that would not be in compliance with current regulations.

How are giveaways promoted?

All of our giveaways are promoted both in our newsletters and across our social media accounts as well as on all pages of DogTipper and CatTipper. Also, our giveaways are featured on over 100 giveaway linkies and nearly 20 sweepstakes sites as well.

How are winners determined?

Giveaway Tools uses to select a winner(s) at random.

Can you conduct a photo contest for us?

Yes, but there is an additional fee due to the complexity of photo contests.

I have a service business. What do you recommend as a giveaway prize?

If you would like to build brand awareness and/or your social media accounts but have a service business, gift cards such as an Amazon gift card, Visa gift card, etc. are popular options.

Why do you charge a fee to run a giveaway? Some other sites do not.

Our sites are large and are supported by very successful social media accounts, providing considerable promotion for your business. Giveaways remain a permanent part of our sites, continuing to provide promotion to your company.

What information do you need from my company to conduct a giveaway?

We need to receive:

  • an exact description of the prize(s) including value
  • URL of the prize
  • a photo of the prize
  • a brief description of your company
  • a list of social media accounts or other methods of entry you would like to include in the giveaway widget
  • the geographic restriction on your giveaway (US only, US/Canada only)

How many winners will my giveaway have?

Most of our giveaways have a single winner. You may have multiple winners. However, we recommend that, rather than splitting your prize among numerous winners,  you provide one winner with a large prize. A year’s supply of treats to one winner will have more promotional impact for your company than 12 winners of one bag of treats.

How do you accept payment for the giveaway fee?

We accept payment via PayPal ( If you need an invoice, just let us know and we will invoice you from our PayPal account. If, for some reason, your company cannot pay via PayPal, let us know and we will provide an address for receipt of payment.

How will winners be contacted?

We will use Giveaway Tools to draw the winner; we then email the winner to obtain their address information. If the prize involves sized products or if you’ll need to be in contact with the winner (such as for a pet portrait), we’ll copy you in on an email to the winner so that they’ll know to expect an email from you with more information.

How will prizes be fulfilled?

We ask that you send prizes within the week of receipt of the winner’s information.

Can I provide a discount coupon as a prize?

No. The prize needs to cover an entire product and shipping so that our winner will not incur any expense.

Can I provide a coupon code to your readers?

Yes, if you like, you may provide a coupon code to be included in the giveaway post so that readers who would like to order immediately may do so with a discount.

My giveaway was great! May I run another giveaway?

We suggest that you wait at least two to three months before running another giveaway unless you are considering a giveaway for a different product line. We have other promotional opportunities and would love to discuss those with you; email us for information.