Haute for the Holidays: Trends in Dog Attire

HP Holiday 2014 crystal butterfly matching boy-girl yvette ruta

Whether we’re entertaining, event hopping, or simply stepping out, holiday is a time to shine. This year’s fashion trends for the season let us and our furry friends do just that. From sexy lace to rich velvets, from brocades and floral prints to deep solid hues, and of course sparkle and shine galore…there’s no shortage […]

July Horoscope for Dogs


Summer is in full swing and as we welcome the warmer months of July and August, we find ourselves in the dog days of a popular-yet-busy season. Whether you’re embracing the heat with beach days and adventures or bunkering down in the cool air conditioning with your furry friend, we can tell you exactly what […]

The Caring Vet: 4th of July Pet Safety Tips


In The Caring Vet Column, Dr. Jeff Werber offers some ideas for keeping our pets safe during the upcoming 4th of the July holiday. For most of us, the 4th of July is a blast! We have a day off from work, we often have a BBQ with all the goodies that go with it—including […]

Ask Alecia: Dealing with Separation Anxiety


Dear Alecia, I bought a dog from a breeder (7 months old now) and had no idea that it has a pretty good case of separation anxiety.  I have been working with this dog for over a month, with behavioral modification, desensitizing and obedience training.  This is all going on with the assistance of vet […]

The Caring Vet: Spring and Summer Safety


In The Caring Vet Column, Dr. Jeff Werber offers some hot tips for keeping your canine cool and comfortable as the weather warms and outdoor activities beckon. Spring is here, and if your weather is anything like mine here in Southern California, you may already be feeling the warmer climate making its move. Warmer weather […]

The Caring Vet: Pet Microchips, Possible Life Savers


“That microchip might just save your pet’s life!” Although smaller than a grain of rice, a pet microchip can make a huge contribution to your pet’s security. In The Caring Vet Column, Dr. Jeff Werber discusses the benefits of microchip technology. I have the privilege of working with a number of rescue groups in the […]

May Horoscopes for Dogs


May brings warmer weather, flowers from the showers, and the start of BBQ season; it also brings more pet horoscopes from Hollywood Psychics for your canine companions. Find your dog’s zodiac sign and learn your pet’s horoscope for the month! Aries The peppy and playful Aries dog will be influenced by Venus in May; so […]

Your Dog’s April Horoscope


April showers bring May flowers, but Hollywood Psychics has more pet horoscopes and readings for your pooch for the month of April. Find your pet’s astrological sign and learn what you can expect this month. Read on! Aries Aries dogs will be in their element this month. However, feisty Fidos will need a strong hand […]

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Dog-Friendly Backyard


Even if your dog spends most of his time inside the house, your backyard belongs to him. It should be a pleasant place where he can eat, play with his favorite toys, sleep, bask in the sunshine and even frolic in the rain. It’s your job to make sure that he can do all this […]

Dog Horoscopes for March


This month, the pet psychics at Hollywood Psychics offer up pet horoscope readings for dogs for March. Not sure what this month holds for your pet? Your pet’s zodiac signs will be able to tell you what you (and he!) can expect by looking to the stars! Aries From laid-back poodles to hyperactive Labs, anxious […]