Jake: Husky/Border collie/Shepherd Mix

My Dog: Jake

Age: 5 weeks

Breed: Husky/Border collie (possibly Shepherd too)

What I Love About Jake: He is almost 2 months old and he catches onto most of the things I try to teach him. He is a quick learner. And one of his eyes has a little bit of the Husky blue eye. Can anyone tell me if he looks like a German Shepherd or if this is how the Husky/Border collie pups look like? Thank you!!!

–contributed by Kellie in Wisconsin

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  • Bucket

    I have had 2 litters of 6 each of the mix, none of the 12 had a blue eye but Dad did…(the border collie) Mom was the German Shepard and Husky mix (you think a blue eye). None of the puppies had erect ears but Mom an Dad did?…. You have your classic black and white Border Collie colors but she retains the German Shepard looks. You have yourselves a keeper!
    Note: Even tho Dad was a Border Collie and that he was white and brown all the kids was black and white, a recessive gene.
    My girl is named Sabbath.
    She is friendly and happy and will defend her territory my family is safe (and barfs in the truck) badd camping trip.
    Give her a job and she will be the best dog you ever had.

    • Justina


      I know this is a late reply but i have a German Shepherd, Husky Colli and her ears arn’t erect either. their kinda floppy like her moms (colli). Shes the size of her mom but she is the color and markings of a german shepard and you can see the husky in her face. Her name is Chance. she is 12 years old. I was wondering .. she has a whie spot of fur on her chest. do you know from what breed that was. my family have always found it to be cute as her other fur is brown and black. and yes as you replied they are definetly the best dog anyone could EVER had.

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