SpotLight GPS Pet Locator Launches Using AKC CAR Recovery Services

Are you worried about your dog escaping your yard when you’re at work or away? GPS devices for dogs have been on the market for a while but now there’s a new offering: the SpotLight GPS Pet Locator. What makes it unique? SpotLight is the only product that combines GPS tracking technology with the 24/7 AKC CAR recovery service.

The new device, developed by Positioning Animals Worldwide, Inc. (PAW), utilizes the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR) program. AKC CAR is an affiliate of the American Kennel Club® and the largest non-profit pet recovery service provider in North America. Since 1995, AKC CAR has enrolled over four million companion animals and recovered over 360,000 lost pets.

How It Works: SpotLight customers receive a lifetime enrollment in AKC CAR, which includes a collar tag with unique ID number. Fitting securely on the dog’s collar, SpotLight is compact and durable and “senses” when the dog leaves the configurable boundary, dubbed a SafeSpot.

If your dog escapes, SpotLight alerts you via text message, email or both. To ensure immediate recovery, you’ll then receive the dog’s real-time location and turn-by-turn directions to the dog.

Also, the AKC CAR recovery team is “on call” and available around the clock for hands-on assistance to assist with the tracking and recovery. SpotLight comes equipped with a “rescue” button so that if the pet is found, a Good Samaritan can notify the owner and AKC CAR.

Features: SpotLight features include:

• Simple set up: create virtual boundaries or “Safe Spots” by clicking on a satellite image
• Small and lightweight: 2.5 oz water-resistant device securely attaches to dog’s collar
• Removable, rechargeable battery for hassle-free protection and safety around the clock
• Bright LED beacon helps owner locate pet at night from up to 100 yards away
• Rescue button connects lost dog with AKC CAR’s Recovery Team and the owner
• Unique AKC CAR collar tag identification
• AKC CAR Recovery: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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  • TR

    Has anyone tried this yet? Would like to hear about how it is working for them – Thanks

  • Ryan

    I have this pet tracking device and it works great. Definitely worth a try!!!  It  comes with some  really good features  e.g. turn by turn direction & rescue button  which helped me remain updated  for my pet 24/7.

  • This is an amazing product. I just saw them in a pet shop and am going to get one for our dog. He has escaped from the kennel at least 10 times. This way, it won’t take hours to find him.

  • Paris and John, I really appreciate your detailed blog post on SpotLight A-GPS Pet Locator.