VPI Tallies Irish Drink-Inspired Pet Names

21058320.thbWe all have different ways of naming our pets…and some of us seem to opt for Irish drink names. We just received a press release from Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI) in honor of St. Patrick’s Day that looks at their database of 480,000 insured pets. They’ve tallied  how many have been named after their owners’ favorite Irish beers and whiskeys. As the Irish might say, “Is folamh fuar e teach gan bean peata!” (“It is a cold house without a pet!”):

Top 10 Irish Beer/Whiskey Inspired Pet Names

1. “Guinness” (413)
2. “Jameson” (55)
3. “Brogan” (14)
4. “Caffrey” (5)
5. “Smithwicks” (3)
6. “Murphy Stout” (3)
7. “Harp” (2)
8. “Galway” (2)
9. “Beamish” (2)
10. “Tullemore” (1)

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  • Pretty surprising, I don’t actually know that Guinness was an Irish name relating to beer/whiskey. No wonder why I’ve met a lot of dogs here named Guinness.

    • Rivergull

      @Hannah…. Surely you must be winding me up!! Where do you live? It must be someplace quite isolated! Just Google “Guinness Brewery” and learn how famous it truly is.