VPI Releases List of Most Unusual Dog Names

bernese-mt-dogAs the pet parents of a dog named “Irie” (a Jamaican patois word that means “all’s well”), we love unusual dog names. But we just thought Irie was an unusual dog name. Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. (VPI) has just released its list of the 10 most unusual dog names in its files. Some are real tongue-twisters and some are so long we just can’t imagine using them (really now, are you going to go through the neighborhood yelling “Here Lord Chubby Pruneface” when your dog gets out??) Here’s this year’s list of the 10 Most Unusual Dog Names:

1. Pickle Von Corndog
2. Lord Chubby Pruneface
3. Badonkadonk
4. Ninjastar Dangerrock
5. Molly Mcboozehound
6. Dog Vader
7. Flopsy Squeakerton
8. Bettie Poops
9. Geez Louise
10. Barnaby Bones

VPI has a full list of the top 50 most unusual names at www.wackypetnames.com.

Now we’re curious: What’s the most unusual name you’ve ever named one of your dogs?

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  • Tina Terry

    This made me laugh out loud, especially thinking about doggy owners shouting out some of these names in the ‘hood! I don’t have anything as exotic as any of these gems, but, since my family and I are mult-generational Hawai’i kama’aina (old-timer) folks, I spell my beloved 15-year-old Chow-mix rescue-dog’s name “Pu’u Bear.” I love your doggy’s Jamaican name – my family was stationed in Kingston for 17 years, and I still speak the wonderful patois when I talk to my Jamaican friends from my childhood. Thanks for a great article and making me laugh!