PurinaCare Adds New Accident-Only Policy

am-fox-terrierLooking to save some money on pet care? (And who isn’t?) We just received news of some new, more affordable pet health insurance plans to cover accidents and illnesses involving your pet. PurinaCare® now offers three co-insurance levels 20%, 30% and 40% and adds an Accident Only Policy that is priced at $9 a month for cats and $12.50 a month for dogs.

A recent Associated Press – Petside.com poll finds 41% of pet owners surveyed are worried they wouldn’t be able to pay for the cost of veterinary care if their pet became ill.

“Our new co-insurance options make pet insurance more affordable than ever and the PurinaCare Accident Only Plan introduces a low priced option to help reassure pet owners that only want coverage for accidents” Dr. Bill Craig, DVM, Chief Medical and Underwriting Director of PurinaCare Pet Health Insurance said. “When an accident or illness occurs, emergency care might cost several thousand dollars. With these plans, pet owners can have the peace of mind of knowing PurinaCare can help offset their costs of care.”

PurinaCare’s plans are not available in all locations.

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