Win Swag from the MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge!

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, commenter #94, Louisebear2, whose comment was selected by!

We’ve got an amazing four weeks of giveaways sure to make your dog feel like a star!

You’ll remember that last month we wrote about the special celebrity pet lounge at GBK Productionsโ€™s MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge. At the star-studded event, celebrities like High School Musical‘s KayCee Stroh, Debby Ryan of The Suite Life on Deck, Twilightโ€™s of BooBoo Stewart, and other celebrity dog lovers were gifted with swag made specially with Spot in mind..

And now, thanks to GBK Productions, Bowser Beer, Castello di Fido, Rockstar Puppy and Rachael Rossman, we’ve got four weeks of that MTV Movie Awards gift lounge swag for you to win! Each week we’ll be featuring a prize from one special company; all you have to do to enter is to leave a comment below. (And if you enter now, your entry will be good for each week’s giveaway!)

Here’s a rundown of the fab prizes:

  • Week 1: Bowser Beer: Treat your dog with this non-alcoholic, non-carbonated brew (with glucosamine)! Along with the beer, there’s even a certificate to send in with your dog’s photo to have your dog put on the label of a special gift batch of Bowser Beer! This week is completed; congratulations to winner oregoncoastgirl!
  • Week 2: Castello di Fido: These Napa Valley dog treats are “bottled” in champagne and wine bottles! We’ve got two bottles of this special treat to send to this week’s winner! This week is completed; congratulations to our winner Michelle!
  • Week 3: Protect your pooch’s head with a cool airbrushed dog helmet (representative photos above)! Estimated retail value: $150. This week is closed; congratulations to Kristin, this week’s winner!
  • Week 4: Rachael Rossman Watercolor Portrait: Win a gift certificate for an 8×10 inch watercolor portrait of your pet by by Rachael Rossman! (Read more about Rachael’s work in her own Pet Pro Profile here on DogTipper!) This week is now closed; congratulations to Louisebear2, this week’s winner!

How to Enter

To enter, just leave a comment below about why your dog should be treated like a star!

For an extra chance to win, send out a tweet about this giveaway to your Twitter followers and leave a comment below with the URL of your tweet. (To find your tweet’s individual URL, click the “about x hours ago” line below your tweet.)

And for another chance to win, just subscribe to our newsletter (subscription form at the top of the right sidebar) and leave a comment that you’ve subscribed. If you’re already subscribing, just leave a comment that you’re subscribing…and many thanks!

The contest is open to readers everywhere. Deadline for entry for the RockStar Puppy helmet is Wednesday, Aug. 18 at noon; the winner will be announced Wednesday at 1pm central. The winner will be selected at random using The final giveaway (Rachael Rossman portrait) ends Wednesday, August 25, 2010.

You may enter once per day; you do not have to enter during a specific week to be entered for that week’s giveaway. Good luck!

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  • alita hawksworth
  • ๐Ÿ™‚ My Roxy would love this, she is a 5 month old Boston Terrier who is full of life. She is our only baby as my husband and I don’t have children yet. We are so excited about the chance to win a prize!!!

  • Arlene D’Urso

    My two dogs should win the Star Package because they continue to save me from myself and accept me as I am…They always put smiles on my face and that, to me, is Star Power!

  • Michelle Waldron

    Snickers ALREADY thinks that she’s a rockstar ๐Ÿ˜‰ We have no prob treating our perfect pooch that way & wouldn’t have it any other way either!

    Already subscribe.

  • Kimberly

    My Beamer deserves to be treated like a star because he’s my #1 fan.

  • alita hawksworth

    My three dogs are Rock Stars because of all the joy they bring to me and my family. No matter how bad a day you may have had, they will make it instantly better with cuddles and kisses.

  • Kristin

    Roxie is a two year old chihuahua/papillon mix that thinks she is a lil star.. She is the princess of the house who gets attention n pictures tooken of her all the time;)

  • My 3 dogs are already stars and they know it! Bucky and Ruby are Mini Longhaired Dachshunds, and Sophie is a Sheltie. They are all treated like royalty here, nothing (that we can afford) is too good for them. They have never had beer and I think they would really like it, !

  • My Welsh Corgi Dyland and Beagle Sydney are rock stars in their own right for all the joy they bring me. Pick me I would love to win anything!
    .-= CaliDiva´s last blog ..CaliDiva- Aaah how can you be productive when you keep getting interrupted Busy- busy day @ the office! =-.

  • YvonneF

    The 4-legged family members are definitely the stars in the house. Everyone loves them! They receive presents on their birthdays and Christmas. They have their own couches in the living room. And, of course, they have many toys too.

  • Kim Stevenson

    My dog BOWSER is a rockstar because he can sing, dance and pull off any fashion accessory! He is a Boston Terrier that we rescued and he also loves Bowser Beer!!! Pick us!

  • Pintu

    Our Benji is definitely a big star! He makes friends where ever he goes.He is very bold, daring & dynamic, also highly balanced minded, plus a very good decision maker ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michelle Barnes

    I have two dogs, and they are definitely little diva rock stars. One expects belly rubs at all times, and the other expects to be hand fed! He hates eating out of his dish!

  • Grace Anne Carter

    We have two dogs but Oliver, our basset hound, is definitely our “princess”! When our daughter, and only child, went across the country to college, I told her not to be surprised if she came home on holiday to find Ollie dressed in baby clothes and drinking from a bottle!!!

  • Kim J

    Just found your website through Rachel Rossman’s blog. I love her work and hope to win a portrait!

  • Elizabeth J

    My dog BeLanna is a star and aging gracefully. She could really use the glucosamine and beer sounds like a more fun method of ingesting it than pills. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • johnny

    we just got our 6 month old Mix “Spaz” ( oh yea he is ๐Ÿ™‚ ) out of the Animal Shelter. He was born there and was sitiing there behind Bars all his Life. I think the little Dude deserves to be getting some extra TLC Star Treatment !

  • johnny
  • oregoncoastgirl

    Because my dogs are my babies….

    • oregoncoastgirl

      THANK YOU!!! How exciting!

  • My dog Mr.Pink should win because he is a rescue dog I got about 2 years ago and he is about 7 years old and has had a rough life for most of his life with abusive former owners and I think he deserves to be treated like a star from now on. I do my best to spoil him and give him the star life he deserves. I’d love for him to have this.

    Thanks for this giveaway and I also follow on twitter @vmsweet123

  • Gizmo asks me every day when I’m going to have Rachel Rossman immortalize him in a portrait. He should definitely win.
    .-= Lisa Cunningham ´s last blog ..New Paintings =-.

  • louisebear2

    I would love a portrait of my dog by Rachael! Another bunch of great giveaways!

  • KGP

    Our Casey is a 9 month old star. We just adopted her this past March and she’s really come a long way. And WE have come a long way since she’s entered our lives. I would love to give her that Bowser Beer at the very least!!!

  • Ann

    My dog should be treated like a star because he has superior intelligence, a Husky. He is beautiful, solid white with blue eyes, and he has the most loving disposition of any dog I have ever know.

    On second thought, does this reflect what the stars we hear and read about are really like?

  • Becky

    My dog tugger is an 8 yr old chihuahua and he deserves this prize! He has had 3 surgeries on his right rear leg – 2 within the past 4 months. Needless to say he has been in a lot of pain and had to suffer the indignities of wearing a cone on top of that so that he wouldnt chew his stitches. But he has been a very brave boy and will be starting physical therapy next week. This would be a wonderful treat for him!

  • Lanae

    My dogs deserve to be treated like stars because, although I do spoil them myself, I don’t always have the cash to get them everything I would like to. This would be a great chance to get a special treat for them, thanks!

  • Lanae

    I am already subscribing!

  • Louisebear2

    Love Rachael’s work!

  • Amy C

    She should be treated like a start because she always makes me smile when I walk into the room. Not to mention she’s the best dog EVER!

  • Bugsy Pako (Dog)

    My dog, Bugsy, is 10 years old and I feel like he should get something to make him feel loved. He grew up as an abused dog and when we got him (6 yrs old) He was afraid of everything and everyone. I got bit by him so many times when we first adopted him.. He is 3/4 deaf and 3/4 blind. I want him to know that we love him. He doesn’t bite us anymore, but I still feel that he would appreciate it! Even if he doesn’t win, thank you for the opertunity to make his life that much better!

  • Marie

    My dog deserve to be treated like a star because we had a baby last year and she is feeling jealous! The baby loves to play with her but she doesn’t get nearly as much attention! She loves us and sits on our laps but she can’t stay with us for too long! She deserves to be a star for a day!

  • Lanae

    It would be awesome to win any of these prizes! They all look great!

  • Louisebear2

    Love art of my dog!

  • Carolyn Barnett

    I love this swag.I follow on twitter as @carolynishis and i am a tweeting.

  • Maureen

    My dog is the most interesting dog in the world. Even her fleas have pinache ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL! Seriously, love my pup. That simple.

  • Maureen Yes, she is my avatar so she’s already gone international LOL!

  • Maureen

    subscribed to newsletter Woof!

  • Lanae

    The little helmets are so adorable!

  • Louisebear2

    Love these give aways ! Happy August!

  • Diane Baum

    My dog should be treated like a star cause besides she is one, when she was first rescued she was so timid she spent ehe entire day hiding under a chair in our livingroom. Today she is a new dog, a real star

  • Louisebear2

    Thanks for offering these fantastic prizes!

  • Lanae

    I love the variety of your giveaways! Always different and fun!

  • louisebear2

    Would love some swag!

  • Lanae

    Wow, the watercolor portraits are just beautiful! ๎€ข

  • Lanae

    I think my dogs would love a little Bowser Beer poured over their food! “Yum!”

  • louisebear2

    My fav swag is here is by Rachael, wow! original art!

  • Anne M.

    because he is the light of our family!

  • monica carbajosa

    I did all that was required ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am tweeting @momtodanielle
    i have two shih tzus lilly and griffin ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mandy Mccalister

    my dog needs to be treated like a star because he is recovering from a broken rib from jumping off a sand cliff at the beach and landing on a log:(

  • My puppy deserves to be treated like a rock star because he is a rock star. He is the cutest dog ever!

  • Just subscribed to the e-mail
    .-= Emily R´s last blog ..What are you doing tonight =-.

  • monica carbajosa

    i subscribe to your newsletter!!

  • Jeannine M

    My dog should be treated like a star because she is such a good dog with the kids. We have a golden retiver and she will gently play tug with the kids even the 10 month old

  • Susan Nisar

    I would like to treat my dog because he is always there when I need a cuddle!


  • oregoncoastgirl
  • alita hawksworth
  • My Sophia is already an international superstar. She has her own facebook page and models for my dog collar shop. She also models my line of collars on a Japanese website. You can also find her modeling on my fan page

    She would LOVE these treats!

  • vickie butwell

    Shylah would really enjoy wearing a swag…she just got a new hair cut and it would look great.

  • Your imagination in selecting prizes is terrific! Beats a nylon dog bone or a bag of Kibbles & Bits.
    .-= Pitbull Puppies´s last blog ..The Silky Terrier is Descended from the Yorkie =-.

  • Lanae

    I wish Castello di Fido had a bottle of treats that was completely grain-free, as one of my dogs can have no grain whatsoever. Our other dog is on a very low grain diet, so at least he could eat their corn and wheat-free variety! I am sure he would love them!

  • Sstierstorfer

    My little schnauzer eats Popsicles with me! Time with him is the best way I could be spending my summer!

  • Louisebear2

    This swag is great!

  • Lanae

    Thanks for the chance to win these great prizes!

  • Louisebear2

    Appreciate the chance to win such fun prizes!

  • Louisebear2

    Thx DogTipper for offering gr8 prizes!

  • Louisebear2

    Thx DogTipper for offering these gr8 prizes!

  • Shannon

    My 3 dogs are rock stars and deserve some amazing treats because no matter what their tails wag and are always cheering everyone up. They are the cutest things ever!


  • Shannon

    I subscribe to your newsletter.


  • Lanae

    Would love to win any of these great prizes!

  • Louisebear2

    Would LOVE art by Rachael! SO talented!

  • Lanae

    I know the perfect spot to hang a beautiful portrait of my animals!

  • Louisebear2

    Great prizes still left in this give-away !

  • Lauren

    My dog is a star because she guards me against my husband every time he kisses me goodbye in the mornings ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Lanae

    I know that the helmets have a safety-oriented purpose, but they just make me laugh because the dogs just look too cute wearing them!

  • My dog, Bullitt, truly is my shining star. I recently underwent two months of radiation and I was feeling really miserable. He was by my side contstantly. I would wake up and he would be sleeping beside me with his paw on my arm. It is like he is my little protector. No matter how miserable I felt, he always cheered me up. Now that I am feeling better, he is still my little shining star because he is still with me all the time. He is an amazing little guy and I love him so much.

  • Louisebear2

    Love this swag from the MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge!

  • Ronda

    My Teddi deserves to win this….she loves gifties!!!

  • Michelle

    My dogs would love to win because they are they greatest! They are loyal and make me laugh eveyday which is important since I have been sick for 3 years. They always know when I need to be cuddled & they deserve to be treated like stars ๐Ÿ™‚

    I tweeted @deezeegirl
    I also subscribe ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lanae

    My dogs should win something because they LOVE it when we get a package delivered to the door! Well, they bark like crazy at the delivery person but after they see the package they just smell it very enthusiastically and want to know what’s inside!

  • Louisebear2

    Great give-aways! Esp the original art!

  • Pamela

    My little buddy Gilligan needs a helmut!! He’s got a soft spot on his head where the bones haven’t grown together fully. Besides, a 7 month old 3lb Chorkie would totally ROCK a helmut!! Who wouldn’t want to see that?!

  • ALL of our dogs are ROCK STARS! These dogs have been abandoned by their owners, left at shelters with their worlds turned upside-down. We take them in, help them learn to trust and find them fantastic new homes! They are the most resilient, forgiving and loving animals.

    If I won this fantastic gift, I would donate it to our Annual Get-Together as a raffle prize, so that one of our deserving Rock Stars would get to ride in style like the celebridog they are!

  • My Sophia is a star because she healed my heart after losing our little Jack Russel to cancer.

  • my dogs should be treated like stars because they deserve it. whenever i have a bad day, the two of them are always there to cheer me up. they ask nothing in return but love and food ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lanae

    It looks like you were saving the best for last with these last two prizes! Thanks for the chance to win these very unique prizes!

  • Louisebear2

    The gr8 swag giveaway continues…!

  • Coco’s Mom (Nancy)

    My dogs should be rock stars-they are so cool and everyone wants to be like them-really!

  • Pintu

    I’m subscribing!

  • Lanae

    Awesome prizes, as always!

  • Louisebear2

    Swag wag swag, another comment with high hopes !

  • Maureen

    My dog needs a helmet-got bit by a copperhead this week on her head and survived miraculously so she is a rock star in our eyes!

  • Maureen

    Forgot to mention I follow on twitter as @msmorev ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Louisebear2

    Another comment w high hopes for some gr8 swag!

  • Lanae

    Would be great to spoil my dogs with free swag!

  • Louisebear2

    Commentin w hopes 4 some swag !

  • Donna C.

    My dog should be treated like a star because he is a star (at our house). He is already spoiled.

  • Linda Davison

    My dog Molly is a star because she helps me walk as she is my service dog and protects me. She is my best friend too! Linda Davison

  • Linda Davison
  • Louisebear2

    All 3 of my dogs are deserving of star status because they are the best dogs in the world! Each dog was a someone else’s throw-a-way dog, adopted off of the street as an adult. They are all wonderful companions and have traveled the east coast with us from SC to ME and Canada on vacations over the past 14 years. All of them are up there in years now, at ages 17+, 15 and 14 yo. I know our time together is waning; I treasure each day with them.

  • Lanae

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Lanae

    Love these little helmets! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • louisebear2

    Adopted pup #1 is a star because she earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate and her Therapy Dog badge within 9 mths of her adoption.

  • Louisebear2

    Adopted dog #1 should be treated like a star because she welcomed the adoption of 2 more dogs and shared her toys with senior foster as well.

  • Lanae

    Whoever wins the helmet is going to be one stylin’ pup!

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