Facebook Pages Help Reunite Pets Lost in Tornadoes

The terrible tornadoes that have struck Midwest and South over the past several weeks have resulted in many, many lost dogs and cats (and other pets) as families are separated, injured, or killed. Several Facebook pages offer a virtual “lost and found” bulletin board highlighting pets that have been lost or found in these disasters.

We’ve compiled a list of several here but, if you know of others, please add them to the comments below so we can add them to the list and hopefully help some of these storm victims find what is most precious to them…their furry family members.






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  • Prima Donna (Lilly’s Mom)

    Dogtipper, thank you for always posting helpful links, especially for the pups who are lost from the tornados and floods.

    • Thank you…it makes me so sad to see the coverage of people who have lost everything and are looking for their pets! Social media is such a great tool for helping to reunite everyone!

  • This is really sad thing… Thank you for this post, i hope it will help many pets and their owners!

  • Here is another to add to the list for Minnesota. Minneapolis (and Fridley & Forest Lake) was hit by tornadoes this week too (05/22) … ugh!

    Lost & Found Pets from the North Mpls. Tornado (05/22) >>>http://www.facebook.com/tornado.pets

    Great idea, making this list! May I cross-post to my blog?

    Hug your doggies,