Pug Poses with Stars at Dream Magazine Event

The red carpet at Dream magazine’s Summer Kick-Off event did more than guide glitterati into The Painted Nail in Sherman Oaks, California for an afternoon of fashion-filled fun– it also helped to pave a path toward a brighter future for a 10-year-old girl who is struggling with cystic fibrosis.

A compassionate canine, Phoebe Rose from A Traveling Pug attended the star-studded soiree– which helped raise money for Caley Camarillo, who will soon be on a donor list for a double lung transplant. Phoebe (with help from her Mom, Sheila Appleby Williams) captured the excitement of the event in the following photos:

She may possess super powers as young Mystique in the upcoming comic book-inspired big screen release of X-Men: First Class, but actress Morgan Lily has always been a super hero in the eyes of her coterie of canine and cat companions. After a day on a movie set, the star of Flipped is greeted at home by a feline friend named Houdini and four Fidos (three of them rescue dogs)– a Great Dane deemed Gladys, an Australian Shepherd who answers to the name Solvang, a Dalmatian/Labrador Retriever who wears an I.D. tag bearing the name Trixie, and a Chihuahua called Candy.

Just like Morgan Lily, it’s no wonder that rising star Karley Scott Collins also quickly bonded with red carpet Rover Phoebe. The actress (who met Tinkerbell, Tinseltown’s most famous Fido, on the set of her first movie, the Paris Hilton comedy The Hottie and The Nottie) counts three tail-waggers as members of her four-legged family– a Maltese named Rose and two Dogue de Bordeaux called Pixie and Bentley.

A famous fan of Fidos, Zach Callison (Diary of a Single Mom, Rock Jocks) not only recently welcomed a rescue dog into his family, he has shown his support for Spots by appearing at the recent Play for the Pups basketball event benefiting Angels in Fur Dog Rescue and by taking part in the annual Hollywood Loves Dogs auction event, which shines a spotlight on L.A. shelter dogs in need of adoption. At the event the young actor paused to pose with Phoebe and the CEO of Dream Magazine, Kimber Hamill.

Actress Rachel G. Fox, who shared screen time with Felicity Huffman on Desperate Housewives and Jennifer Garner in Alias, shared a snapshot with Phoebe.

Actress Sammi Hanratty was happy to see Phoebe again! The star of the upcoming movie The Greening of Whitney Brown met the precocious pug earlier this month at another charitable event, Lollipop Theater Network’s GAME ON.

A canine with a craving for couture, Phoebe fell in love with Love Baby J’s feather-accented fashion, revealed on the red carpet by star on the horizon Portia Berman.

For more information about a lap dog’s look at L.A. life:

Photos courtesy Sheila Appleby Williams

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