YouTube Tuesday: Dexter’s Ruff Life

We’re launching a new weekly feature here on DogTipper: YouTube Tuesday. Every week, we’re going to spotlight one YouTube channel of special interest to dog lovers. From training videos to grooming videos, we’ll be passing along great channels for you to subscribe to on YouTube or just to check out for some free tips.

This week, we’re kicking off the feature with a look at one channel that’s just pure fun: Dexter’s Ruff Life. Dexter is a super cute Yorkshire Terrier who has even been our Dog of the Day here at DogTipper.

Dexter just launched his new blog, Dexter’s Ruff Life, with his videos and even ecards, a section he’ll be launching on animal awareness and activism, a store, and more!

Dexter’s YouTube channel showcases the work of Dexter’s mom, Alana. She’s a film professional (easily seen in the quality of Dexter’s videos!) Here’s Dexter’s most viewed video, watched over 30,000 times!

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