Vote for Shelter or Rescue to Receive a $1,000 Pedigree Donation!

Pedigree is donating $1,000 to a shelter or rescue selected by the readers of DogTipper! Last week, we asked for your nominations for this donation, part of the #everydogdeserves campaign that Pedigree is undertaking in June. (Find out more ways you can help homeless dogs with your tweets and Facebook posts!)

We’ve compiled all the nominations on the ballot below. (If you don’t see one of your favorite US shelters or rescues, you’ll find a blank at the bottom where you can add your favorite and vote for them!) You may vote as often as you like, and you may vote for more than one shelter or rescue. All the shelters and rescues are based in the US but readers from around the world may vote.

If you’d like to supply any additional information on any of these rescues, just leave a note in the comments field below as to why readers should vote for your favorite! You’ll find plenty of share buttons at the bottom of this post to make it easy to encourage your friends to vote (or you can email them to this short url:

Voting ends at 11:59pm CDT, June 30, 2011. The winner will be announced July 1, 2011.

Thank you to Pedigree for this generous donation!!

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  • Please vote for Canine Lifeline. They recently took in a couple of dogs with major medical needs. Red, had been hit by a car and badly injured ( He had to have surgery to repair some of the fractures (over $2600 in medical bills). Toby came to them with a 6 pound tumor on his leg ( The surgery to remove it will cost around $1000, plus they have a few heartworm positive dogs to treat ( Thanks!

    • Darlene Michitsch

      CANINE LIFELINE is truly a lifeline for condemned dogs in this economically depressed region of the country. Vote for CANINE LIFELINE and keep on voting through June 30!!!!!!

  • Prima Donna (Lilly’s Mom)

    House With A Heart, my all time favorite animal charity. Voting for them for all the seniors they have saved over the years who have been given away by the former families.

  • Please vote for Canine Lifeline who pulls dogs that are scheduled to be euthanized in rural shelters throughout Ohio and Kentucky. Some dogs have medical issues like Toby, who just had a 6 pound tumor removed that was hanging from his leg. The surgeon said it had to have taken at least a year to get that large. Red was hit by a car and left by his owners. His pelvis was fractured in 3 places. The surgery costs for these 2 dogs is over $3100. They also have many heartworm positive dogs that they treat and then place up for adoption. They could never do all this without the help of generous people and grants from companies like Pedigree.

    • Beth Foutty

      Please vote for Canine Lifeline! They are an awesome group of people who just plain old love dogs! I have adopted two three dogs from Canine Lifeline who have become wonderful members of our family. They are a great group to work for and they truly care about making a difference for the dogs.

      • Ms.foutty your so right i LOVE canine lifeline! Its such a cool group and keep voting!


    • Pam

      I also adopted from Canine Lifeline, a sweet mutt that was rescued from southern Ohio. Please vote for them! They are really making a difference!!

      • Kelly

        Please vote for Canine Lifeline. They are really making a difference for stray dogs. This is a great group and they deserve to make a difference in even more dogs’ lives!

    • VOTE FOR CANINE LIFELINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    Go doxies go!

  • Oops…I’m SO glad you noticed that! It ends at 11:59pm CDT, June 30. THANK YOU! Paris

  • Please vote for Canine Lifeline, an all volunteer rescue that saves dogs scheduled to be euthanized in rural shelters.

    • Paula Boss

      I will let everyone i know to vote for you. We are happy to have you at Our store. We believe in your cause and will give you two thumbs up anyday. 🙂 good luck Canine lifeline

  • Pamela Curry

    Thank you for giving us a chance to help a shelter, I also vote at Pepsi Refresh if anyone here is in the running there or will be applying please post and I will look for you

  • Lynn Bosworth Capwill

    Please vote for Canine Lifeline! All volunteers who believe all dogs deserve a happy forever home! Dogs from rural shelters that would be euthanized are cared for and hopefully find their perfect match! Incredible caring people caring for dogs and operating on donations. Please vote for Canine Lifeline! Awesome people, loving dogs that want to be your forever friend!!!

  • If we all support this cause is a reflection of our love and respect for the breed and more for this noble cause-

  • Abby’s Momma

    Check out Canine Lifelines website. Look at those precious faces! How can you say no! PLEASE vote for Canine Lifeline. All of the wonderful loving dogs looking for forever homes thank-you!

  • Corrine

    Canine Lifeline & all their volunteers is a very dedicated rescue group, funding is a must for help medical & operations expenses. Make it a point to get this funding….vote everyday.

  • I like dogs and I love it an organization helps out dogs. I’ve been to a animal shelter benefit with friends that also support So I want to do my best to help them support this great organization so they can continue to do what they do best, help dogs! Especially in the Northeast Ohio area!

  • Kathie Newton

    Canine Lifeline saves lives. Please vote for them. The people who run this organization dedicate all of their time, money, and energy saving these dogs. I have the sweetest, most hilarious little jester of a dog, Hogan, thanks to Canine Lifeline. He enriches my life SO much, and he may not have made it here without Canine Lifeline. He is just one of the many deserving dogs who find loving homes because this rescue WORKS SO HARD to save them. These dogs would have died without Canine Lifeline. Please vote for them!

  • Jenny

    Please vote for Canine Lifeline! They are an incredible organization. They are an all volunteer organization that saves adoptable dogs from being euthanized at shelters due to overcrowding or treatable medical conditions. If it wasn’t for Canine Lifeline, I would not have my sweet dog who brings me so much joy. Let’s vote for and help an organization who SAVES dogs from euthanasia.

  • Phil

    Anyone else find it weird that Liberty Humane Society is in the lead? They have no mention of this contest on their website, Facebook, or Twitter.