NFL Star LaDainian Tomlinson Films American Heartworm Society PSA

As a running back for the New York Jets, LaDainian Tomlinson protects his teammates on the football field. As a dog devotee, the NFL MVP award winner is defending our barking buddies by asking pet parents to guard their four-legged family members against the threat of a potentially fatal disease.

“As someone who is passionate about pets, I believe keeping a pet healthy is key to their overall happiness,” LaDainian Tomlinson stated. “Knowing the seriousness of heartworm disease and how devastating it can be, I partnered with the American Heartworm Society and Banfield Pet Hospital to help bring greater awareness to this topic and encourage pet parents to take the necessary steps to protect their pets from this terrible disease.”

Filming the 60-second PSA at Snug Pet Resort, his San Diego doggie day care, grooming, training and veterinary care facility for Fidos, the sports star tackles the topic of heartworms by explaining how the disease is transferred and how it can be prevented.

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Photo Credit: American Heartworm Society

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  • Mrs. Ken Howard (Linda)

    Real men care about animals. They don’t abuse or fight them for greed. Thank you, Damien, for stepping up and being a role model for others!!

  • I agree with Ladainlan. Keeping our pets healthy against HeartWorms is very important. Also,want to thank you for being a good role model for others too. Keep up the good work!