Katherine Heigl Mourns Dog’s Passing

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” The familiar quote from author Agnes Sligh Turnbull is a sentiment felt by all friends of Fidos, including A-list animal lover Katherine Heigl, who announced earlier this month that her beloved barking buddy Mojo had crossed Rainbow Bridge.

The rescue Rover, who came into the star’s life during the filming of her romantic comedy 27 Dresses, lived a life of luxury with his movie star Mom, music-making Dad Josh Kelley, their daughter Naleigh and five other furry family members until his passing at the age of 15.

A star in his own right, Mojo– along with two of his four-pawed pals, Oscar and Piper– posed for photographer Robbie Bellon in 2010 for a Rescue Paws photo exhibit and calendar which helped to raise funds for The Humane Society of the United States’ campaign to stop puppy mills.

Sharing the sad news of Mojo’s passing with her fans on Twitter, Heigl stated of the dog she called “our great protector”:

“I was blessed to love him and be loved by him.I will miss him always.God speed my great friend, rest in peace, we will meet again…”

As all of us who have had to say goodbye to a devoted animal friend have come to realize, one way to ease the pain of a loss is to give comfort to others. ¬†On October 17, 2011– just days after Mojo’s death– the star’s Jason Debus Heigl Foundation donated $30,000 to fund no cost pet adoptions for veterans as part of the Los Angeles Animal Alliance’s Fall 5000 Super Adoption Program. The generous contribution was made in memory of Lieutenant Commander Frederick John Debus, a family member with a caring heart for canines and cats. The Los Angeles Animal Alliance’s Fall 5000 Super Adoption Program begins November 4, 2011 and lasts through January 30, 2012.

For more information regarding the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation:

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Grace Sydney is the Assistant Editor of DogTipper.com and CatTipper.com, covering celebrity-related rescue news. She operates the @HollywoodDogs Twitter account sharing information on celebrity fundraising for rescues and shelters.

  • Losing a loyal friend is so hard and a terrible void. Just remember the good times with Mojo.

  • JC

    Very heartbreaking. You can just tell that he will be missed very much.

  • Shelley

    It’s always sad to hear when someone loses a cherished family member. I’m glad Katherine was able to rescue Mojo, and that he was so well loved. The large donation in his memory is wonderful.