Animal Planet Series ‘Saved’ Premieres Nov. 14

In celebration of the emotional connection between people and pets, Animal Planet premieres Saved, an uplifting look at lives that have been pulled back from the brink by tiny paws.


Falling ever deeper into a pit of despair due to an incurable bone and muscle disease and kidney disease, the emotional strength of a tiny four-pound dachshund named Sammy Davis lifted Patrick Major’s sinking spirits and led the once lost man toward a happy productive future

Fifteen stray puppies abandoned outside of an Iraqi police station gave Army Spc. Justin Rollins a reason to smile on what turned out to be his last day of life. His fiancee and family comforted by photos taken that fateful night, Rollins’ loved ones made it their mission to find the pups who provided them with a lasting link to the late military man. Adopting Hero, one of the pups found by the fallen soldier, Rollins’s mother says that “I really believe Justin saved Hero’s life, and in turn, Hero saved us.”

Other heart-tugging tales in the six-part series include a Yorkshire terrier named Scout, who helped a traumatized girl come out of her shell after 9/11; a Dalmatian dubbed Blaze who helped the emotional healing process for a family in mourning for the loss of their firefighting sons on the day the Twin Towers were attacked, and a German Shepherd whose presence provides inner peace for a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Saved premieres November 14, 2011 at 8 P.M. ET on Animal Planet.

Photo Credit: Animal Planet

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  • Prima Donna (Lilly’s Mom)

    Thanks Dogtipper for letting me know about this new series. I set my DVR, hope I do not go through a box of tissues watching it.