Dog Plays Pool for Katherine Heigl’s Foundation (video)

Fans of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno may have tuned in on December 6, 2011 to see Katherine Heigl chat with the talk show host, but its the talent of a little tail-wagging fan of the animal-loving A-lister that had tongues wagging when the episode aired.

While promoting her foundation’s new I Hate Balls spay/neuter campaign during a segment of the NBC chat fest, the star of the upcoming romantic comedy New Year’s Eve met Amadeus, a charming Chihuahua who used his pool-playing prowess to help pups in need.

Although he didn’t start the game on cue, the audience could see that the pool shark pup was literally itching to get started, and after a brief scratch the world’s smallest pool shark batted billiard balls for 30 seconds, with each ball rolled into a pocket by skilled Spot earning $500 for the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation’s campaign, which will support spay/neuter initiatives which will reduce the number of companion animals who find themselves in shelters each year .

How much money did Amadeus rack up? Check out the Tonight Show clip above, then:

Photo Credit: Big Stock Photo

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