DOG TALK®, Dec. 10, 2011

Both dogs and cats take center stage in this week’s DOG TALK® radio show. Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible and The Cat Bible, talks not only about canines and felines but also about donkeys!

  • Tracie reads a very touching letter from a couple who took her advice to get their sickly kitties off “kitty crack” and onto her favorite canned cat food, Weruva.
  • Tracie wanted to share some of her favorite segments from the weekly online podcast Humane Talk that she has been creating for the website of the Humane Society of the United States with its CEO Wayne Pacelle:
    • The first segment explains ballot initiatives and how politics can work to undermine animal welfare legislation.
    • The second is about the importance of “Just Saying No to Fur” and the ethics of companies that go Fur Free, like “O” Magazine which now refuses fur ads and which has removed any real fur on any of their millions of items.
    • The final segment is about the massive job of saving the lives of donkeys in Hawaii that have been abandoned after no longer being useful in the sugar trade and were airlifted to sanctuaries and adoptions on mainland U.S. by HSUS. (Tracie encourages others to adopt donkeys as she has!)

DOG TALK® airs Saturdays on NPR (or anytime via podcast). It is broadcast live on Saturdays at 11 AM in Southampton NY and LIVE at 1 PM Sundays on Robinhood radio in the Berkshires. This is one of two radio shows by pet author and canine nutrition expert Tracie Hotchner, who also hosts CAT CHAT® every Wednesday on Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius/XM Satellite.

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