Torchwood Star John Barrowman Promotes Virgin Atlantic Pet Travel Service

As Captain Jack Harkness he’s traveled through time and space, but in real life Torchwood star John Barrowman can’t use a vortex manipulator or hop a ride with The Doctor in the Tardis. The actor boards Virgin Atlantic whenever he flies, and in a promo for Sir Richard Branson’s airline the actor explains that one of the main reasons is his devotion to his dogs.

A doggie Dad to two English Cocker Spaniels and a Jack Russell Terrier, the paparazzi magnet’s dislike of miles distancing him from his dogs means that the star travels often with his fur family. In the clip above the actor explains why he feels comfortable leaving his canine companions in the care of Virgin Atlantic’s pet travel service, and an employee of the airline offers a look at Virgin Atlantic’s pet reception area and directs potential pet parent passengers to the airline’s website for details about pet travel and the new pet travel regulations which take place at the start of 2012.

Fans of the sci-fi star have long known of Barrowman’s bond with his barking buddies. A proud pet parent who displays photos of his four-legged friends past and present on his website, the actor’s ‘puppy love’ extends to those in need of forever homes. Earlier this year the entertainer helped to raise funds for Dog’s Trust at the grand opening of the dog welfare organization’s charity shop in Cowbridge, Wales, and in 2010 he stepped in front of the camera for the same organization for its annual “A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas” campaign:

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