Celebrity Pug Meets Dog Stars at Golden Collar Awards

Dog News Daily’s first annual Golden Collar Awards was a golden opportunity for Hollywood to shine a spotlight on the skills of showbiz Spots, and A Traveling Pug‘s Phoebe Rose (along with her Mom, Sheila Appleby Williams) sniffed out all the action behind the scenes for the following report.

Corral a bunch of A-list actors backstage before a major award show and you’d be asking for trouble- unless the actors have four legs and fur and were nominees for this year’s inaugural Golden Collar Awards- AKA “The Canine Oscars.”

The fido thespians quietly gathered in a suite behind the scenes at the sedately elegant Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel with their respective trainers and owner/family members–sans entourage and Quaker-like in their decorum.

No egos, no tantrums and no demands. Phoebe Rose, celebrity Pug and Hollywood Today‘s Official Roving Rover Reporter, mingled and posed with the low-key star pooches and even picked up a few acting tips.

The event was 85 years in the making (since the human Oscars date back that far) according to the evening’s enthusiastic host, Leo Quinones of The Hollywood Reporter.

Making up for lost time, the Golden Collar was a howling success, with live streaming on The Hollywood Reporter, major international media coverage and celebrity canine-loving presenters including Pauley Perrette (NCIS), Wendy Malick (Hot in Cincinnati) and Kristin Bauer (True Blood).

And the winners were:

  • Best Dog in a Theatrical Film-Uggie (The Artist)
  • Best Dog in a Foreign Film-Koko (Red Dog)
  • Best Dog in a Television Series -Bridgitt (Modern Family)
  • Best Dog in a Reality Television Series-a tie-Giggy (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and Hercules (Pit Boss)
  • Best Dog in a Direct to DVD Film-Rowdy (Marley & Me:The Puppy Years)
  • Best Dog in a Reality Show was a tie between Giggy (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and Hercules (Pit Boss).

Shorty of Pit Boss, spoke about his passion to support Pit Bulls- “They’re misunderstood just like Little People.”

Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump spoke about helping her Pomeranian, Giggy overcome many health problems including alopecia, and Trainer to the Stars Steve Solomon of Good Dog Animals relayed the rags to riches story of Lambchop (star of Suburbatory) found on the street and rescued from a Van Nuys shelter just a year ago. Solomon said “Lambchop is a Chihuahua/Poodle mix and has the brains of a Poodle and the attitude of Chihuahua-she’s a real Diva.”

Spotted woofing it up backstage were Cairn Terrier, Dash–Uggi’s understudy (a bit of friendly rivalry here); Doberman Cash (handsome in his tux)-Blackie’s representative; FEMA Search Dog of the Year– Golden Retriever, Hunter; Preston Casanova, star of CBS’s Greatest American Dog looking fabulous “I spent 3 days getting Preston ready for event,” said owner Laura (who personally perfects the multi-talented Pomeranian’s signature cut); Nugget, the Bud Light Mascot sitting quietly and soberly.

Noticeably absent from the glittering assembly was Doberman Blackie (star of Hugo), allegedly on his way to Japan –and sending his representative Cash to stand in for him. The media buzz about Blackie has been that his “acting” chops were enhanced digitally–emphatically denied by Director Martin Scorcese and whispered to be a smear campaign by the competition (Nominee Uggie of The Artist‘s, Harvey Weinstein) initially blacklisting his scene stealing pawformance from being nominated.

Phoebe Rose getting a quick lesson with Uggi:

Omar poses with family member, Uggi

Kristin Bauer (True Blood)

Shorty (Pit Boss) and Hercules

Nugget- the Bud Light mascot

Brigitte (Modern Family) and Lamb Chop (Suburbatory)

No, that isn’t Blackie (Star of Hugo)-that’s his understudy, Cash-handsome in his tux (and it wasn’t rented).

Award Presenter, Wendy Malick (Hot in Cincinnati) and niece, Giselle

Trainer, Steve Solomon of Good Dog Animals accepting award with French Bulldog,Brigitte (Modern Family)

Phoebe couldn’t wait to sample the treats in the Goody Bag–courtesy of Natural Balance:

Photos courtesy Sheila Appleby Williams

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