Banfield Now Offers Genetic Testing

One of the most commonly asked questions we get here on DogTipper is “what breed is Tiki?”

Well, even though Tiki is a mix of mixes, we know what breeds make up at least part of her heritage thanks to the Wisdom Panel DNA test…and we just heard that Banfield Pet Hospitals are now offering Wisdom Panel tests.

We’ve really enjoyed knowing Tiki’s breeds. Besides being fun, it also helps to know your dog’s breeds since certain breeds are more prone to specific diseases and health issues.

 The Wisdom Panel test requires a small blood sample that can acquired during any routine veterinary visit.  After two to three weeks, you’ll receive a report back that will:
  • Identify breed mixes
  • Detect predispositions to specific diseases
  • Recognize determinants of physical and behavioral traits
 The Wisdom Panel costs $75, and can be purchased all of Banfield Pet Hospital’s more than 800 locations nationwide.

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