What’s Happening This Weekend, March 10-11, 2012

Wonder what’s on Animal Planet and National Geographic WILD this weekend? Here’s a rundown of the dog- and cat-related programming:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

8-9am Eastern Last Chance Highway: The Great Escape, Animal Planet

Time is running out for the stray dogs of Olive Branch, Mississippi.

9-10am Eastern, Dogs 101, Animal Planet

Learn about the Black Russian Terrier, Belgian Malinois, Pointer, Mi-ki, Black and Tan Coonhound, Anatolian Shepherd< in this episode.

10-10:30am Eastern, Petco’s Who Let The Dogs Out: The Pooches of Pasadena, Animal Planet

The Natural Balance gang meets Ricochet (who was DogTipper’s Dog of the Year in 2010!) Ricochet surfs with quadriplegics and has done amazing fundraising work. Also in this episode, watch the building of a massive float for the Tournament of Roses parade and Tillman surfs on it!

10:30-11am Eastern, The All New Planet’s Funniest Animals, Animal Planet

11-noon Eastern, My Cat From Hell: Spitting Mad, Animal Planet

Jackson Galaxy works with a cat that vomits out of anger as well as two cats that battle for control over the home.

noon-1 Eastern, Cats 101, Animal Planet

Intro to Kittens, Birth and the First Four Weeks, Kitten Transformations, What You’re Getting Into, Picking a Kitten, Care and Training.

1-2 Eastern Must Love Cats: Kitty Wigs and Fat Cats, Animal Planet

Back on the road, John continues his journey around the country by heading to the southwest to meet felines with frontier flair. Everyone knows that everything is bigger in Texas, and it’s no different for Texan cats!

2-3 Eastern, Must Love Cats: Cat Poo Coffee and Klepto Kitties, Animal Planet

Feline fanatic John Fulton travels the West Coast and even visits an LA company that serves coffee made from coffee beans scooped out of cat poop!

3-4pm Eastern Must Love Cats: Cat Colleges and Hero Kitties, Animal Planet

Host John Fulton tours the southeast to find these fabulous felines and their zany owners.

4-5pm Eastern, Must Love Cats: Kitty Tree Houses and The Cat Guys, Animal Planet

Visit a place where wild and domestic cats occupy the same sanctuary.

5-6pm Eastern, Must Love Cats: Cat Musicians and Garfield’s Dad, Animal Planet

Learn how the most popular comic cat was born.

6-7pm Eastern, Must Love Cats: Kitty Fashion Plates and NYC’s Best Mousers, Animal Planet

Learn the birthplace of the domestic shorthair cat and more about CFA sponsored cat shows.

7-8pm Eastern, My Cat From Hell: Spitting Mad, Animal Planet

8-9pm Eastern,  Dog Whisperer: Bull-Whipped, Nat Geo WILD

Cesar Millan confronts a dog who is terrorizing doggy day care.

9-10pm Eastern, Dog Whisperer: High Anxiety, Nat Geo WILD

Cesar takes on three dogs whose obsessions have led to a disquieting life for both the canines and their owners.

10:00 PM to 11:00 PM Dog Whisperer: Grizzly Dogs

Cesar Millan visits wildlife expert Casey Anderson and his wife, actress Missi Pyle, to help get a handle on her two dogs, Ellie and J.J.

11-midnight Dog Whisperer: Bull-Whipped, Nat Geo WILD

Sunday, March 11, 2012

midnight-1am Eastern, Too Cute!, Animal Planet

1-2am Eastern, Must Love Cats, Animal Planet

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  • Julia Perry

    my personal address is dogshowaddict with the gmail service. I have looked all over the place, but haven’t been able to find somewhere that has a link to the entire episode of Who Let The Dogs Out from this morning streamed, and I would like to send it to my low tech omther, who I know missed it. But I marched in the Tournament of Roses Parade when I was 16, and my brother now lives and works in Pasadena and his birthday is on New Years Day, so that parade is interesting to our family. I loved watching the auditions for the float, especially the chihauhau!!!  I was very upset to hear that the teenaged Patrick hasn’t got enough money for rehab, and that says to me that he was hit by an uninsured driver with no asets, or he had a shitty lawyer. I’m very afraid for his future.
    Again, if you could help me make it possible for Mom to see this morning’s show’s episode, that would be SO nice. Or  you can find me as yellowrose45 on the social networking site known by those two initials.  Thank you.  Julia Perry in Huntsville, AL

    • Hi Julia, Let me check with Natural Balance…I’ll email them and see if they’ve got it available to view online. More soon! Paris