Pet Pro Profile: Boston Buddies Rescue Group

Recently, DogTipper interviewed Hereta Cervantes of Boston Buddies Rescue Group, a Boston Terrier rescue organization in Southern California.

Can you tell us about the mission of Boston Buddies Rescue Group?

Boston Buddies was incorporated on June 12, 2003 as a California nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of any Boston Terrier or Boston Terrier mix in need. The ultimate purpose of Boston Buddies is to match homeless or potentially homeless Boston Terriers and Boston Terrier mixes with loving permanent families specifically interested in the breed.

While each year we wish for a time when groups such as Boston Buddies are no longer necessary and every animal has a loving and forever home, we will continue our efforts and remain committed to assisting as many Boston Terriers or Boston Terrier mixes in need as we possibly can.

Can you share the story of one dog that has come through Boston Buddies and found his forever home?

Dougie (pictured above). Dougie was 2 years old when he was dumped in the overnight drop box at the shelter. Because Dougie was so traumatized, the shelter asked Boston Buddies to take him into our program as they knew we had more time to help him overcome his horrible experience and move on to a better life. When our volunteers picked Dougie up he was shaking and scared and curled himself up into a tight ball in the travel crate.

We knew Dougie needed a gentle but strong leader who could instill confidence in him – not by babying him but by showing him that the world was not a scary frightening place filled with people who dump dogs into metal boxes in the middle of the night. Each minute spent with Dougie increased his trust in us and in human kind in general.

Finally, the day arrived when a family with two other dogs decided that they wanted to welcome Dougie into their hearts and home. Dougie and his two new fur sisters, Lily and Jade, explored the backyard and house together and when Dougie started giving his new mom and dad kisses we knew that he had found his new forever family. His family says Dougie is so special, cherished and loved beyond words and he deserves so much love which he always returns tenfold.

What is the biggest challenge that Boston Buddies Rescue Group faces?

Financial funding and foster homes.

How can readers assist Boston Buddies Rescue Group with donations (monetary or goods) or volunteer work? What are your group’s most urgent needs?

Donations can be made via check payable to Boston Buddies Inc. and mailed to our mailing address:

19051 Goldenwest St. #106-145
Huntington Beach, CA 92648.

Donations can also be made via PayPal by sending funds to our email address: There are also “Paypal Donate” buttons on our website and a “Donate” button on our Facebook page.

For More Information:

Photo of Dougie courtesy of Boston Buddies, Inc.

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