Pug Celebrates Easter Brunch with Bunny

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Canine correspondent Phoebe Rose celebrated the Easter holiday with her bunny buddy. You can read all about the roving Rover reporter’s take on all things Tinseltown by hopping over to her website, A Traveling Pug (which is written with the help of Phoebe Rose’s Mom, Sheila Appleby Williams).

Phoebe Rose, celebrity pug, invited her pal, dwarf Bunny, Gwendolyn, to share a healthy vegan Easter Brunch. Hopping around 24/7 delivering baskets of chocolate eggs wasn’t on this floppy eared friend’s agenda.

Relaxing in the shade of Phoebe’s Princess Castle tent ..

“Are you getting hungry?”

A thoughtful hostess lets her guest have the first few nibbles.

A polite guest invites her friend to dig in.

Food tastes better when shared with a friend.

True friendship needs no words.

Happy Easter from Phoebe Rose!

Photos courtesy Sheila Appleby Williams

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