Ashley Judd Helps Abused Dog

An abused and abandoned dog has found his way into the heart of Missing star Ashley Judd.

Still wearing his collar and the stake which had bound him to his previous residence, Walter was recently tossed from a moving vehicle and left to die in an area of the Whites Creek community in Tennessee, where countless other canines have faced the same fate.

Painfully malnourished when he was discovered, Walter– whose health is still precarious– is now receiving much-needed love and attention at Snooty Giggles Animal Rescue, a non-profit which is known for rescuing dogs from high kill shelters.

Touched by Walter’s tale, actress Ashley Judd is helping to fund the Cockapoo’s medical expenses, and as she uses her star wattage to shine a spotlight on the plight of abused animals Judd is keeping fans informed of the dog’s developments via Twitter.


To show your support for Walter and other dogs who are dealing with similar distressing situations, visit, and go to Snooty Giggles apparel page to purchase a Team Walter T-shirt. Money raised from the sale of the T-shirts will help future abandoned dogs in Snooty Giggles’ care and contribute to the care of Eileen, a dog who was thoughtlessly dumped at the same spot three days after Walter. Like Walter, Eileen– who is in the care of Robyn’s Nest Animal Rescue and Sanctuary— is receiving treatment at Animalia Health and Wellness in Franklin, Tennessee.

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  • It is so great to see celebrity use celebrity for the right purposes.  Ashley Judd has always been a class act….this just goes a little further to prove that point.  From one animal lover to another, THANK YOU!!!

  • Pawelryjewelry

    Asley you are an Angel….the biggest one in your family in my eyes. I agree she has always been a class act…natural, sweet and loving. This proves it even more.

  • Ruth Clendenning

    Thank God for people like Asley Judd – this person should be found and put in jail! If more people could be like you the world would be a much better place. I post with Facebook and the wonderful people I have met on there are just like you with saving and helping these sweet babies. Bless you for all you do to help!!!

  • Flowersfordays

    thank God, one less dog for Obama to eat

  • xena414

    Ashley, I have always liked you as an actress but its nice to know you are an even better humanitarian. Thank goodness for people like you helping little Walter, such an innocent soul he can’t help himself. Hope he continues to get better and find a very loving home for him to live out his life, and never no hunger or abuse again.

  • God Bless the people helping Walter. Praying he pulls through.  Not only is Ashley beautiful on the outside, but she is more beautiful on the inside.