Open Casting Call for New Benji Movie

Becoming a famous Fido may be just a dream to most dogs, but thanks to an open casting call one talented tail-wagger will have the chance to step into the paw prints of an iconic cinema Spot.

Walden Media (Chronicles of Narnia) has teamed up with writer-director-producer Brandon Camp (Love Happens) to revive the Rover-themed film franchise Benji, and the search is on for a pooch who possesses the same star quality as Higgins, the first Fido to portray the lovable stray.

Fourteen years old when he stepped in front of the camera to film the classic kids movie, Higgins got his big break when he was discovered in a California shelter, and now a dog who is up for adoption can make the leap from life in the shelter to life in the limelight by winning the hearts of the movie makers. On a special Facebook page, shelter staff across the country can post pictures and video of resident Rovers who have what it takes to be a Tinseltown talent.

Pet parents who think that their pup is a real ‘pup’arazzi magnet can also post photos and videos of their charismatic canines for the chance to obtain fame for their four-legged friend.

In addition to the Facebook search, the filmmakers will also be scouring animal shelters as well as traditional animal talent agencies and trainers for dogs that have onscreen charm and the chops to take direction required to step into the film’s starring role.

“Benji is a special dog who has won over the hearts of millions of moviegoers with a unique combination of adorably shaggy appearance, astounding intelligence and irresistible personality,” says Camp, who is updating the franchise started by his father, Benji creator Joe Camp, Jr. in 1974. “Finding the right dog to play him is an essential element of making this movie, so we’re casting a wide net and leaving no stone unturned. That includes using social media to reach dog-owners who might have a perfect Benji of their own at home.”

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