Tim Lincecum Helps Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

On July 1st Major League baseball star Tim Lincecum will make a pitch to sports-loving fans of Fidos in the hope that they will step up to the plate and adopt an older dog.

The two-time Cy Young Award winner was among the 15 U.S. athletes who recently teamed up with popchips, all natural potato popped chips, for the national cause marketing program “popchips game changers.” Asking their local communities “What can I do for you?”, nominations were submitted and voted upon, with citizens in the San Francisco Bay area offering Lincecum options which includes his final choice– Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Limited to 100 words or less, Muttville persuaded ‘Big Time Timmy Jim’ to chip in his time for the paws cause after he read the following original contest submission about Timmy, an 11-year-old Wheaten Terrier mix who longs to score a home run in the heart of a pet parent:

“Tim, help get Timmy adopted, a long haired unwanted mixed breed dog. Bring him on the field pre-game and allow Timmy to have exposure on the scoreboard! This dog will find a home. Many more Muttville senior dogs over the age of seven might with your involvement.

Imagine what it would be like for Cy or Kayo if you could no longer take care of them and there was no one else in your life as a backup. ¬†Muttville would take them in and match him with a new parent because every dog deserves a new beginning.”

Prior to the first pitch at the Giants game on July 1st Timmy will join Tim Lycecum on the field in the hope of raising awareness for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and finding a forever family for a very deserving dog.

A non-profit in San Francisco, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue was founded by animal advocate and rescue worker Sherri Franklin in 2007.

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Photos courtesy Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

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  • so excited, Timmy will be getting a dood night sleep here at Muttville, so he can look his best when he meets Tim Lincecum tomorrow!

  • Yay, Timmy. (Maybe people will think about adopting older cats, too.)