CAT CHAT, Aug. 8, 2012

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It may be called CAT CHAT, but this week’s guest on Tracie Hotchner’s radio show is of special interest to dog lovers:

  • Veterinary dermatologist Dr. Kristin Holm, who has her own specialty clinic in Iowa, will talk about the difficulty of treating dogs and catch who lick, scratch and bite their skin, usually because of allergies to the environment. Dr. Holm developed a peanut-butter-based product called Doggy Goo™ that calms the immune system and naturally reduces itching and scratching. She will be joined by a young blind man with a guide dog whose life was turned around from using Doggy Goo.

The weekly CAT CHAT® show airs on the Martha Stewart channel, Sirius/XM 110 on Wednesday nights at 8PM ET (5PM PT).

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