Happy National Dog Day from Disney’s Frankenweenie

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In celebration of barking buddies everywhere who revive our spirits on a daily basis, the makers of director Tim Burton’s upcoming Fido-centric Disney flick Frankenweenie– featuring the 3D animated antics of a reanimated Rover– wishes all pups and their pet parents a happy National Dog Day! Frankenweenie will be unleashed in theaters on October 5th.

Offering a helping paw to approximately 1 million animals since its founding in 2004 by pet lifestyle expert/author Colleen Paige, each August 26th National Dog Day commemorates the companionship of family canines and honors the work of service dogs while encouraging the option of adoption. On National Dog Day’s official website dog devotees can make a donation to help canines in need of medical care or forever homes, and discover 50 ways to mark the day.

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Photo Credit: Disney


Grace Sydney is the Assistant Editor of and, covering celebrity-related rescue news. She operates the @HollywoodDogs Twitter account sharing information on celebrity fundraising for rescues and shelters.

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