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Last year, we had the chance to visit the Nashville Humane Association, an amazing facility that, on numerous levels, is a model for many other shelters. One of the reasons this shelter has been so successful is because of the PEDIGREEĀ® Feeding Project; the company’s donation of the shelter’s food allows the budget to be spent in other areas. In the video above, you’ll have a look at the Nashville Humane Association’s shelter that we visited and learn more about the PEDIGREE program.

We had the chance to meet many happy animals that were at the facility as they waited for their forever homes:

…and we toured the high-tech surgical suite…

…and the inviting and clean kennels, kept fresh with seven air handling systems throughout the building that prevent odors and encourage visitors to stay and meet the animals in a comfortable setting….

Be sure to check out the video for more about the feeding program that allows shelters like Nashville Humane Association to prove that “Dogs Rule” to so many forever homes.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of PEDIGREE but all opinions are our own, based on our tour of the Nashville Humane Association.

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