News from SuperZoo: Hill’s Science Diet

Last week SuperZoo, one of the big pet trade shows, was held in Las Vegas, featuring hundreds of pet companies displaying their line and debuting new products.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to attend because of the cost of airfare but we were able to take part in one press conference via webinar. Hill’s Science Diet hosted an online webinar and chat to announce reformulation of their foods.

With the reformulation, the first ingredient in the new recipes, Hill’s® Science Diet® New Recipe for a Better Life™ Formulas, is now a high-quality protein source from meat. Also, the company no longer uses chicken by-products in their foods. The foods will also contain no artificial colors or flavors. The reformulated foods will be available in December.

Of course, with our emphasis on value and the economic side of pet guardianship, I had to ask: would consumers be seeing a change in prices? The answer was no; the price will remain the same and the bag size will remain the same with the reformulation.

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  • Canine Nutrition Consultant

    Nothing Hills has ever said has been the truth. Keep your dog off foods that have already been proven to have terrible ingredients if you want them to be healthy. Too bad Hills subsidizes vets and provides grants to them & to vet schools as well, otherwise you wouldn’t see so many vets carrying such a terrible brand. Go raw, or at least use a high-quality kibble. Hills should be banned.

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