National Disaster Search Dog Foundation Launches Jack-O-Lantern Contest

Halloween is such a fun time, not only for the change in the seasons but for all the fun contests it seems to inspire! We’ve seen many creative photo contests but we just learned of one that we think will really catch the attention of dog lovers: The SDF Search Dog Jack-o-Lantern Contest.

The Nutro Company’s partner, the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, is hosting a Jack-o-Lantern Contest featuring carvings of Search Dog Foundation dogs!

To enter, go to the Search Dog Foundation’s Facebook Page or the Search Dog Foundation website, pick your favorite pup picture and then try your best to carve that design into your pumpkin! Send SDF a photo of your pumpkin creation and why you picked that Search Dog.

The winner will be selected on Halloween by SDF’s staff and will receive free SDF gear! For more details on the contest, visit the SDF Facebook tab.

The toughest part of this contest might be selecting just one cute dog to feature on your Jack-O-Lantern! You’ll find dogs like Ellie (above), Jester…

….Justice (doesn’t Justice remind you of our Irie?!)…

…and Jagger…

Good luck!
This post was written by a Nutro Knowledge Network Member and sponsored by the Nutro Company.

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