Terry Bradshaw Cheers for Team Dog in America’s Pet Debate

Football legend Terry Bradshaw’s days as a quarterback may be in the past, but the sports star has scored a touchdown in the hearts of dog devotees for taking time out to help a worthy cause.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee is currently cheering for our canine companions in America’s Pet Debate, Purina’s light-hearted attempt to answer the age-old question– are cats or canines top dog in the hearts of America’s animal lovers?

“Dogs have been a part of my life since my earliest childhood memories – I can’t imagine coming home and not having at least one dog greet me. Everyday, I enjoy the companionship and fun that comes with owning dogs,” said Bradshaw. “A pet provides immeasurable support and comfort to people and asks for little in return.”

While fellow former football star Howie Long is promoting the positive aspects of our purring pals for Team Cat, Bradshaw is telling fans of Fidos to vote for Team Dog at www.AmericasPetDebate.com or www.facebook.com/AmericasPetDebate. For each vote, Purina will donate $1, up to $100,000, to Pet Partners’ Veteran Programs to help fund Pet Partners pet therapy teams for U.S. veterans.

Animal lovers can cast their vote through November 8th, and campaign for their preferred four-legged companions on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram using the hashtags #VoteDog, #VoteCat or #PetDebate. Can’t decide if you should click ‘cat’ or ‘dog’ on the ballot? A brief quiz at AmericasPetDebate.com will help to determine which team is right for you, or you can simply vote for each, as votes can be cast once a day, every day.

Find out if canines or cats have been declared the nation’s favorite pet when Purina announces the winning team on November 9, 2012.

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Photo Credit: PRNewsFoto/Purina

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