Actor Simon Callow Narrates Bedtime Story To Calm Nervous Dogs

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He’s starred in A Room with a View, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Shakespeare in Love, and now acclaimed actor Simon Callow has stepped into the role of storyteller to steady the frayed nerves of stressed out Spots.

The revered thespian, who has brought the words of Shakespeare and Dickens to life on stage, is the narrator of writer Laura Quinn’s Teddy and Stanley’s Tall Tale, a free audio book sponsored by More Th>n Pet Insurance.

Britain’s Daily Telegraph reports that dog behaviorist Karen Wild was instrumental in the development of the pup-pleasing presentation, from the words chosen to the inflections which are recognized as having a relaxing influence on Rovers.

The bedtime story for our barking buddies was created to calm canine anxiety during the UK’s annual fireworks display, Bonfire Night.

Musing about his time spent behind the mic to calm canines, Callow stated: “Having two dogs myself I can understand just how terrifying the sound of fireworks can be to animals. I hope that lending my voice to the bedtime story for dogs can go some way to help petrified pups relax this bonfire night.”

To download and print Teddy & Stanley’s Tall Tale:

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