DOG TALK, Nov. 17, 2012

This week on Tracie Hotchner’s weekly DOG TALK® radio show and podcast

  • A Chance to Give Thanks: Today’s show is short because Tracie is doing live fundraising with the folks at Peconic Public Broadcasting, who depend on listener donations and community support for the station’s survival. Tracie’s show and her website have the great good fortune of being supported by an impressive list of companies that believe her educational efforts have real value to pets, their owners, and to companies that speak to them.
  • At this Thanksgiving time of year, Tracie was grateful for a rare opportunity on the show today to speak directly about the many companies that support DOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!), as well as underwriting her website and her efforts to educate and inspire dog and cat lovers about giving their pets the healthiest, most satisfying life possible.
  • Tracie hopes you’ll take a moment to hear her personal thanks and comments about Dr. Wally Smith, the manager of the NPR station which gave DOG TALK® a chance (allowing her to win a prestigious Gracie® Award in 2010!) and stayed loyal all these years, her impeccable engineer Kyle Lynch, and Marshall Miles and Jill Goodman at Robinhood Radio, who welcomed DOG TALK® into their schedule.
  • Tracie explains her Thanksgiving feelings about Platinum Performance, HALO, Nordic Naturals, The Honest Kitchen, Whole Life Pet, Vectra, Feliway & Adaptil, Anxiety Wrap, Doggy GOO, Neko Flies and Sleepypod, with special thanks to Weruva and Precious Cat litter, which go the extra mile to directly offset the cost of the radio show. Tracie welcomes her new “partner in education,” Dr. Shelby Neely of and looks forward to introducing you to the people behind Healthy Paws insurance and very soon.
  • Most of all she wants to thank each and every one of you who listens to the show, shares it with friends, and takes the advice and incorporates into their own pets’ lives. When Tracie says she feels humbled and honored by the trust and respect her listeners have shown, she really means it — and hopes to continue to inspire and fascinate you with the show in the months and years to come. Wishing a safe, happy and not-too-indulgent Thanksgiving to one and all!

This is one of two radio shows by pet author and canine nutrition expert Tracie Hotchner, who also hosts CAT CHAT® every Wednesday on Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius/XM Satellite. Tracie Hotchner is the author of The Dog Bible: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know and The Cat Bible: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know.

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