Sheryl Crow Stars in PSA to Help End Puppy Mills

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Dog devotees are singing Sheryl Crow’s praises as the multi-platinum-selling performer is using her voice to speak for our four-legged friends who are silently suffering in puppy mills.

The star who took “All I Wanna Do” to the top of the charts wants animal lovers to join in Animal Rescue Corps efforts to cease the cycle of backyard breeding through Educate 2 End, which asks that all with a passion for compassion raise awareness by sharing ARC’s PSA; printing and sharing ARC’s “2 Big Reasons” resource to highlight the plight of puppy mill dogs; educating your local, state and federal representatives; showing support for the ongoing work of Animal Rescue Corps, and by signing your name to ARC’s Educate2End Puppy Mills pledge.

Animal Rescue Corps is a non-profit which rescues animals from abusive situations and natural disasters; educates the public about the need to heed the suffering of animals, and by training and assessments for animal shelters.

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