Animal Planet Unleashes ‘The Year in Pup Culture’ Dec. 22nd

As we wait for 2013 to be unleashed, Fido-loving families can take a fond look back at The Year in Pup Culture thanks to a new Animal Planet special.

Fans of sports and Spots can relive the excitement of the Olym’pups’ as they watch Fluffy Phelps dog paddle his way to the top of the podium, while space enthusiasts can watch a ‘Rover’ romp on Mars and those with a passion for politics can remember the debates between rival Rovers Mitt Ruffney and Bark Obama.

Tail-wagging thespians also take on the world of entertainment with reenactments of ‘pup’arazzi magnets, The Voice‘s Cee-lo Growl and Christina Pupilera and the top dog at the box office in 2012, Barking at Dawn.

The Year in Pup Culture premieres December 22nd at 9 p.m. E/P on Animal Planet.

Photo Credit: Animal Planet

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