Announcing the Hot Spot Tele-Training Series!

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We’re excited to announce the free Hot Spot Tele-Training Series hosted by Alecia Evans, author of the “Ask Alecia” column here on DogTipper and the inventor of the Walk In Sync method. Along with Preston Speaks, we’ll be moderating the five-part telephone series (plus a bonus recording).

Each week’s call will deal with a particular issue, starting with housetraining. The first call is scheduled for MONDAY, Jan. 14 at 9pm ET, 8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT. Can’t make it? No problem; each call will be recorded.

Please visit Alecia’s information page for more on the series and for a link to sign up for the call. We’ll be back tomorrow with more information on Monday’s call but the first step is to sign up for the free series!

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