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Cesar Millan, Shorty Rossi on The Jeff Probst Show

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Fans of talk shows and Fidos can tune in to watch an episode of The Jeff Probst Show that’s filled with dogged devotion as two top dogs in the world of canine care sit down with the Survivor host on January 30th to chat about our four-pawed pals.

Cesar Millan, who currently stars in the new National Geographic series Leader of the Pack, will share important tips on adoption and connecting with your canine companion and will dispel common dog myths, while Shorty Rossi– the star of Animal Planet’s Pit Boss— will tell the studio audience about his path which led him from a stint in prison to becoming a protector of pit bulls.

The episode will also shine a spotlight on Angel City Pit Bulls, a non-profit, foster-based organization which saves pit bulls from LA. area shelters and promotes a positive image of dogs who often find themselves dogged by prejudice.

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The following backstage clip offers a look at two adoptable adoptable pit bulls who will appear on the show:

Photo Credit: The Jeff Probst Show

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About Grace Sydney

Grace Sydney is the Assistant Editor of and, covering celebrity-related rescue news. She operates the @HollywoodDogs Twitter account sharing information on celebrity fundraising for rescues and shelters.

  • Lisa F.

    I applaud good, factual communication about Pit Bulls, but Milan said two things that bothered me in this. (And I admit I am not a big fan of his…) First, he blatantly admitted he is doing what he is doing for fame. Second, he wrongly said neutering does not change behavior. I think we all know it can have beneficial effects on behavior, including roaming and aggression. Just had to comment on this. :)

  • Roseanne C.

    I agree with what Milan said about neutering on it not changing behavior,i had a dog i rescued already neutered and was told he was great with other dogs since he had been neutered but low and behold he attacked my spayed female Border collie so bad you could see the tooth marks on her skull,then 2 months later he killed my 16 year old spayed female Papillion ,even worse he broke her neck and bit through her skull into her brain you could not believe the amount of bleeding,and the suffering she went through ,the vet was called but was out on a calfing emergency and i had to watch my sweet baby die ,it took a hour for her to die,it was so painful to me to watch that i was praying for God to take her.