Doc Martin Star Martin Clunes Narrates The Secret Life of Dogs

As Dr. Martin Ellingham on the Britcom Doc Martin he may know all about human anatomy, but as the narrator of the new ITV special The Secret Life of Dogs actor/animal advocate Martin Clunes will shine a spotlight on both the physical and psychological inner workings of man’s best friend.

On January 31st the star– known for helping such animal welfare organizations as the Born Free Foundation, Dog Rescue Foundation and ACE Animal Care in Egypt– will guide fans of Fidos in the UK as they enjoy a dog’s eye view of the world which will include watching the progression of a Labrador pup’s life; the discovery of whether a dog is right-pawed or a “leftie”; figuring out why our barking buddies bark and lick the faces of those they love, and exploring a dog’s senses with the aid of slow motion footage, thermal images and macro photography.

Produced by Oxford Scientific Films, the documentary also delves into dogged devotion with stories of an adopted Collie mix who detected his pet parent’s breast cancer; a wilderness air-scenting dog who rescued a 79-year-old woman lost in freezing conditions; and a loyal Labrador who earned the Victoria Cross for Animal Bravery for coming to the aid of his human companion– a wheelchair-bound Navy officer– when both were struck by a vehicle.

ITV unleashes the hour-long documentary The Secret Life of Dogs on January 31st at 9 p.m.

Among the many Rover-related sights that TV viewers will be treated to during the broadcast is that of Leo the Basset Hound, shaking off water in slow motion:

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