Pet Businesses: How Can We Help You?

We know that many of you — like us — have plans to grow and improve your business in 2013. And we’d like to help.

As full-time, professional writers and social media experts, we’re available to help you meet your goals and bring your pet-related business to the attention of consumers, media, and the marketplace. DogTipper has proven itself as a top blog in the pet space, named Best Dog Blog at BlogPaws 2012 and Best Use of Social Media Blog in the DogTime Petties Awards in 2012. As you’ll see in our online press room, we’ve been featured in numerous publications and interviewed as expert sources on the topic of pets.

We’d like to work with you in 2013. We can:

  • help with social media consulting and management. We’ve grown our @dogtipper Twitter account to be Klout’s number one social media account in the “Dogs” category. Our DogTipper Facebook page‘ has over 34,000 fans, and we’re busy on Pinterest and Instagram, too. We can help you improve your accounts, whether that’s a short consultation or management of one of your accounts. Please check our Social Media Consulting page for packages.
  • create unique and engaging content for your site. As freelance writers with a proven track record that includes 30 books and nearly 3,000 magazine and newspaper articles, we can create content for your site or publication on a one-time or continuing basis.
  • throw a Twitter party to create buzz. In our partnership in Event Barkers, we can co-host a Twitter party with to generate buzz about a new product launch or special initiative or to showcase one of your industry experts, all in a fun and interactive format.
  • write a sponsored post about your company. As part of our advertising offerings, we can create a sponsored post about your company or featuring your news.
  • work as an ambassador for your brand. We’ve worked with many top pet brands to help spread awareness for their products, utilizing our background both in pets and frugal living.
  • promote your product to end consumers at a pet expo. We’re official blog ambassadors for Amazing Pet Expos, the cross-country expo company for which Animal Planet’s Shorty Rossi is official media spokesperson. We’ll be exhibiting at many of the shows in 2013 and Paris will be speaking from the main stage about ways to save money on pet care.
  • promote your product through a giveaway. Our giveaways can put your product in front of passionate pet parents. Giveaways not only rank as one of the top sections on DogTipper but remain a permanent part of the site, continuing to promote your brand even after the giveaway concludes.

How can we help YOU in 2013? Please write us for our 2013 DogTipper Media Kit!

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About Paris Permenter & John Bigley

Paris Permenter and John Bigley are the award-winning authors of over 30 pet and travel books as well as the founders and publishers of CatTipper and DogTipper.