Glory Hounds Premieres on Animal Planet Feb. 21st

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Military dogs who protect and serve our country in Afghanistan will receive a small screen salute when Animal Planet unleashes Glory Hounds.

Offering an unflinching look at life in an active war zone, cameras capture the unbreakable bond which forms between handlers and heroic canines.

Over the course of the two-hour special viewers will meet:

Lance Corporal Kent Ferrell and his MWD (military working dog), Zora: Many lives depend on Zora’s ability to sniff out IEDs before they explode, but to 22-year-old Lance Cpl. Ferrell, who grew up with a golden retriever who made a huge impact on his life, his German shepherd is more than a defense weapon – she’s his sister in arms. As a warrior dog, she’s prepared to make the biggest sacrifice of all.

Corporal Drew Nyman and his MWD, Emily:

23-year-old Cpl. Nyman and his Belgian Malinois are a combat-tracking team who must handle the trauma of the battlefield as Emily sniffs out Taliban insurgents.

Staff Sergeant Len Anderson and his MWD, Azza:

Although his new role as a kennel master offers the safety of the compound, 29-year-old Staff Sgt. Anderson and Azza, his veteran bomb-detecting Belgian Malinois, receive special permission to join troops on patrol. When Anderson and Azza are caught in crossfire, a cameraman steps out in front of the lens to save the Staff Sergeant’s life.

Lance Corporal Durward Shaw and his MWD, Falko:

As part of a security detail operating in Afghanistan’s notorious Highway One, every step outside the wire is a step into the unknown for 21-year-old Lance Corporal Durward Show and his partner, a German Shepherd mix named Falko, who is the handler’s first-ever military working dog. Both newbies in Afghanistan, Shaw is determined to make it home to his wife and his newborn daughter, whom he’s never met, so he relies on Falko to help him stay alive.

Glory Hounds premieres on Animal Planet on February 21st at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Photo Credit: Animal Planet

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