Jennifer Garner Lends Voice to Animal Rescue Episode of Martha Speaks

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An animated version of an Emmy Award-winning actress will draw childrens’ attention to the need to help homeless pets during a week of special shelter-themed stories on PBS Kids.

A real life Mom to a Labrador Retriever named Martha, a cartoon Jennifer Garner and her dog will guest star on the February 4th episode of Martha Speaks.

In “Too Many Martha’s,” Martha– who is preparing for a singing performance at an animal rescue fundraiser– must help the former Alias star find her lost Fido before she takes the stage.

Showcasing the animated antics of a former shelter dog (who is based on a stray who found her forever home with author Susan Meddaugh,) Martha Speaks not only helps young ones increase their vocabulary, but also passes on a passion for compassion toward animals to the next generation. Many of the program’s past episodes have helped to shine a spotlight on supporting animal shelters and responsible pet guardian education.

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Grace Sydney is the Assistant Editor of and, covering celebrity-related rescue news. She operates the @HollywoodDogs Twitter account sharing information on celebrity fundraising for rescues and shelters.

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