Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas Adopt Two Rescue Puppies

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Two Hollywood greats who have won accolades for their performances have now won the admiration of animal lovers for choosing the option of pet adoption.

After the loss of two four-legged family members, Antonio Banderas and Academy Award winner Melanie Griffith (who learned her passion for compassion from her famous mother Tippi Hedren, founder of The Shambala Preserve) recently honored the memory of their late pets by adopting two sibling Shepherd/Lab mixes.

Although the pups began life abandoned and abused, today the brother and sister have starring roles in the hearts and home of two high-profile parents, thanks to Ace of Hearts dog rescue.

The happy news was reported by TMZ, which has helped Ace of Hearts in the past through sales of Harvey Levin’s rendition of the Paul Anka-penned classic, “My Way.”

For more information regarding Ace of Hearts:

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Grace Sydney is the Assistant Editor of and, covering celebrity-related rescue news. She operates the @HollywoodDogs Twitter account sharing information on celebrity fundraising for rescues and shelters.

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