Parks and Recreation Star Aubrey Plaza Adopts Rescue Dog from The Bill Foundation

She tickles our funny bones each week as April Ludgate on the hit NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation, and now actress Aubrey Plaza is touching our hearts through her real life role as a pet parent.

Annie Hart, the Executive Director of The Bill Foundation, recounts how rescue dog Macy went from a hard life on the streets to being the star in the heart and home of a Hollywood celebrity:

In late August, Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws rescued Macy and asked if Bill Foundation would take her in and find her a home. We work closely with Eldad on many rescues and we were more than happy to help.

Often times, when you rescue a dog, you have no idea what you’re in for long-term. You have to be prepared to provide them with whatever they need, medically and emotionally. Macy’s rescue was truly just the beginning to her story and a testament to what we go through to save dogs in need.

Watch the rescue of Macy and Melody– another orphan dog who now has a forever home thanks to The Bill Foundation:

Macy had a tough time adjusting to life “off” the streets. She was extremely fearful of everyone and lacked any confidence. Her issues were much more than we could ask a foster, let alone adopter, to take on, so we sent her to live and rehabilitate with Pete at K9-101 Consulting. Pete helps many of our rescues gain the confidence they need to become happy, well balanced dogs. His methods are gentle, and based on each dog’s individual needs.

For three months, Pete worked with Macy and she steadily made progress. She adored being with all of the other dogs Pete was training and learned a lot from following their example. With time, she began to trust people and accept the touch of a loving hand. We had several wonderful potential adopters meet her, but each time it just didn’t feel right for Macy. I just knew something magical was awaiting her.

In early January, we received an application from Aubrey Plaza, star of the hit show Parks and Recreation and Jeff Baena, the writer of I Heart Huckabees. Everything about their application sounded beyond perfect for Macy (and we received a record number of wonderful applications to adopt her). They sounded smart, eager to learn, and provide the loving and productive environment Macy needed continue her progress.

We set a casual meet and greet with them and from the moment they got out of the car with their dog Stevie (a female chow/golden mix), I knew we had found Macy the home she had long been waiting for. Macy quickly fell in love Stevie and wanted to copy her every move. Best of all, the instant bond between Aubrey and Macy was quite simply undeniable. Pete and I both grinned from ear to ear, as it was the first time we had seen Macy make a strong connection so fast.

So, we all agreed it was time to take the giant leap of faith and give Macy the chance at a happily ever after. Pete and I did the home visit together and helped introduce Macy to her new family and surroundings. We knew it would be best to do a trial period and give everyone a chance to get comfortable, without strings attached.

A few weeks ago, Aubrey contacted me with the incredible news that Macy had stolen the hearts of her new family and they were ready officially adopt her!

Aubrey has proven to be an ideal adopter in every way. With Aubrey’s help, Macy is doing better than ever and living a life we could have only dreamed of for her. She has stayed in contact with Pete and myself and not only provided us with adorable updates and photos of Macy, but she has asked excellent questions so she can continue assisting with Macy’s rehabilitation.

And on a final note, Aubrey has been kind enough to lend us her star power and share her and Macy’s story. Aubrey’s contribution not only helps raise awareness for the work Bill Foundation and Hope For Paws does, but her stellar example will most definitely encourage the public to give rescued dogs the second chance at a life they so richly deserve.

We at Bill Foundation say: “It takes a village to rescue a dog”. And our village just grew by one, in the form of Aubrey Plaza, dog lover and animal advocate.

A Los Angeles-based non-profit organization, The Bill Foundation– which provides comfort and care for 30 – 60 canines at any given time– has rescued more than 2,000 dogs from area shelters since its founding in 2000.

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